• You may have a form of tinea versicolor or other benign fungus, especially if what you are describing is accompanied by splotchiness in the crotch or on the chest. If that is what it is then you can apply Selsun Lotion daily before bed for a few weeks, or use off the shelf Selsun Blue. For more remedies, try a Google search on "tinea versicolor". Be aware that visible TV is persistent and you have to apply the treatment daily for the full 3 to 6 weeks. You should see some progress in a few days. It may return, especially in warm months. It is not harmful. Everyone has some amount of it, only on some does it become noticeable.
  • OH MAN!!I hate when that happens. Bleach that bad boy.
  • That is natural. It is pink but just a darker shade of pink or more brownish.

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