• I am not a shouter ravi. I don't shout at anyone. People who shout have nothing to say...if they did, they wouldn't need to shout. I'm not exactly sure what your question is you mean you shout at people until you fall in love and then you no longer shout? :)
  • When two people fall in love the predominant emotion in both of them is love which if a very soft one by nature. Later when they understand one another better the predominant emotion could change to 'anger'. That will be when they stop talking softly and start the shouting match. Only a lucky few get to keep maintaining their soft corner for each other and they are indeed the fortunate ones.
  • because they love each other than to hurt the other person. try it yourself. You can't even bring yourself to scold the other person. and besides, talking softly has a touch of romanticism in it. ;)
  • Doubts?

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