• MEN; because without MEN to make a woman ; there would be NO Women .... remember Adam's Rib ? +5
  • Both but women bodies are amazing at working pregnancies and giving birth
  • We both crawled out of the muck, but once the clay had dried the women came out way ahead.
  • god made us partners we are equals helpmates. one making up for the other equally ! +5
  • Neither are a creation of any god.
  • Thinking about it logically I have to conclude that its women. Biologically women are far more complex than men, the whole reproductive thing. & historically men have been the source of almost all humanities evils & wrongs.
  • Women. With men, He was still practicing. With women, He got it right. Love the curves on the newer model.
  • God didn't create the earth in 7 days nor man and woman, but hypothetically, if it was true then i'd have to say that both are because without one human kind would die out as procreation would cease.
  • I am putting my vote for women,because without them having the abilty to give birth none of us would be here.And on a funnier note, without them all us men would starve to death!
  • both. God created us equal. It is society that makes up rules but I am so glad to see that the difference between men and women is hiding.
  • Well I would have to say both, because without man or woman we wouldn't have anyone here. So without both we wouldn't be here.
  • HE did not make one better than the other..just man for woman and woman for man....and the man to lead and tend his family.....woman is just important to man as man is to woman...HE loves both...
  • Woman, because we don't have to stand up to pee, and because we smell better. =) Funniest question ever. This WAS meant as a joke right..? Clearly there's no better gender, that's like asking Which is the better pet: Cats or dogs? I'm sure there would be 25 pages of arguments on that, it would last all year, there's no right or wrong answer.
  • The real answer is man, because GOD made man 1st. Then took one of his ribs and made woman. Without man there'd b no woman! If you want to break it down to the simplest form.
  • Man can not live without Women and Women cannot live without Man.Man is everything a Women is not and Women is everything a Man is not.Put them together and they are complete as one.
  • Neither...the platypus is God's greatest creation because the platypus shows God has a sense of humor!
  • Neither. We compliment each other, exactly how it was intended. I always ask my wife what she thinks of a situation, not because I can't come to a conclusion but because my logical man brain doesn't always show me the whole picture just as her intuition doesn't tell her the whole story, but I need her intuition and ability to look a bit deeper. So as one together we can make much better decisions.
  • Women, of course! They can do everything men can do, and they can do it in those high, pointy shoes!! I don't really think that either sex is 'better' than the other... I think that if we had to pick one thing that 'god' has done that is the best, it certainly would not be human beings. Humans, men AND women, are the most destructive species on the planet.
  • God made Man first. Women are the upgrade. Need I say more?
  • the world was not fully prepared for woman until man was here... man is a truck, woman is a porche. I'd say woman since both men and women can function equaly outside the home... but the nurturing nature makes women more qualified inside the home (this is generaly speaking, individual variation is greater than the gender divide) yes there are exceptions, I happen to be one of them... I am doing a good job playing Mr Mom but my ex wife realizes jacob would be better off without her. god created man to function extremely well at any task set before him, he then used that design as a canvas on which to make masterpiece of beauty. when god presented it to adam adam exclaimed (in surfer lingo) "wow man" and thus eve was called woman.
  • i'd stick with "the heavens" and leave man and woman out of it. that reminds me of an old sufi story about lucifer's love of god being so great that when told to serve human-kind, he couldn't and thus was cast into hell. the only thing that keeps him alive is the sound of that most beautiful voice, the voice of god, casting him into hell...
  • I. Because, "I" is all there IS.
  • i'm going to go for one more - dogs!!!
  • I really think God would say men because women are supposed to be a bit subservient to men, says the bible. Men are also supposed to be the head of the household. Also, only men are supposed to be teachers. But, my personal opinion is that woman is the better creation. +6.

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