• I can relate to your comment about classmates having kids right out of high school. A lot of people from my high school class have been married for years and have at least one child (and I am around your age). Try not to feel that you must conform to their behavior just because they're your age mates. If those things don't make you happy, there's no reason to do them. Instead, try making friends with people who are more like yourself. And no one says that you have to stick to people of your age. I've had wonderful friendships with middle aged people before. Now you are probably thinking, "OK, where do I find this amazing group of kindred spirits?" There's no magical solution to your dilemma, but you could try getting involved in a hobby or club that interests you (i.e. ceramics class). Go to and search to see if you can find something. If none of that works, you can always try to find more friends on AB.
  • You are the respect girl and those who are having nice time ,drinking and smoking does not pay in long run,you make good friends without those bad habits.
  • Move to the city or a larger town. Go to college where you can meet people your own age with common interests. There is nothing wrong with you. Sounds like you want more out of life that what is being offered in your hometown.
  • Be aware that many of your peers may be holding you back whether intentional of not. Step out of your routine. Go visit a distant relative or friend. Go enlist in a branch of the armed forces. Travel.

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