• The bible contradicts itself. Why don't you really study what happened and what's happening right now. Don't be closed minded at all. Open your mind to the truth. Read some books by biblical scholars and their studies of the bible. The very first thing these scholars noted was that there are two stories of creation in Genesis. Read it yourself. Why would there be two stories? This is one of many inconsistancies in the bible. It doesn't say that there isn't some truth written in the bible. It does say some other things though.
  • so "What" from Joel Osteen is contradictory or "bad" because my girlfriend says the same thing, but when I watch him the only thing I get is the "goodie tooshoes" statements that it will be good tommorow and not really talking about the good news.+2
  • I don't doubt that anyone claiming to be a prophet is false. I think all so called prophets are fake. But I also don't put any weight in the words of the bible, as I don't believe that either.
  • I'm sorry you are unwilling to understand the bible. It takes a willing heart and effort like many things in life. We are put on this earth to serve God. Jesus suffered and die for man kind. It makes me sick to see people ignore what he did just for us-WHEN HE DIDNT HAVE TO.

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