• Those who are bashing him on AB, fall into two categories: 1. Anti-black racists, or, 2. Anti-black Republican racists. Some folks can't resist tearing someone down, just because s/he has a fantastic "suntan." +5
  • Too much is expected of him in too little time. Asuming George W Bush went the wrong way, it takes some serious time to change course and get things undone. Obama was asked to the wheel of the Titanic right after the iceberg showed up....
  • Hatred is bred from fear. Some people fear change. And socialism. And black people. And spiders.
  • There are trolls of all sorts living in the shadows. They only come out for air when they see the opportunity to bash the President, whom they do not even approve he is the President. Therefore, when the right question surfaces, you will see them come out by the droves.
  • Because Americans don't want an over bearing government and thats just what Obama wants to give us.
  • I have rocks in my yard that could do a better job than G. W. Bush did. The one thing Bush did better than Obama is doing, is his ability to make a decision. "I'm the decider." Bush bulldozed his decisions through and it wouldn't hurt Obama if he adopted a little of this attitude. Instead of trying to get everyone to see the light, he needs to make some "unpopular" decisions and get busy getting things done. His popularity will increase on it's own when the naysayers see how our country has improved with the new policies. Sh*t or get off the pot.
  • 1. Obama is trying to turn America into a European Union style country. Especially on Health and foreign policy. So its not surprising that you think he is doing a better job. 2. It's always easier to attack those in power. That is one of the advantages of being in opposition. After 8 years of being on the defense, some are enjoying going into attack mode.
  • From my perspective here in the deep south, President Obama has driven the United States to the brink of bankruptcy. For example, today's headlines quote President Obama "Whitehouse predicts huge the tune of $9 trillion". Why does he act surprised? Please give some examples of Obama doing a better job with foreign policy and healthcare.
  • Because he is an intelligent non-fascist, the complete opposite of his predecessor and the neo conservatives are extremely jealous and want power back more than they want a free and honorable country.
  • No matter what the office is, there will always be people who are bitter that their candidate didn't win. This last presidential campaign was one of the nastiest I've ever seen. I'm sure the nastiness will continue for quite some time. And Obama has inherited a colossal mess from the previous administration. Some folks apparently think he can wave a magic want and fix thing immediately. Some messes take quite a while to clean up!
  • The right wingers are upset Obama is doing such a better job than Bush.

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