• Handwriting mirrors traits of the person. Fluidity in writing, without much spaces within words, i.e. shows fluidity of thoughts as well as flexibility in doing physical movements. Very tiny letters show not much confidence, very big ones tell you that that person thinks of him/herself big. Letters leaning to one side tells me that that person "falls back" or "goes against the wind". I did not google this, I pay attention to handwriting all my adult life. Pretty soon this all will be obsolete, fingers are used to text in phones or type in computers. The generation without that technical knowledge is dying out by now. A handwritten letter is very precious to me........
  • I am an handwriting analyst and can pick up secret things about a person. I do not analyze unless a trait is blaring or after I have asked the person. +5
  • Handwriting says a lot about a person.
  • I read this article a few months ago, thought it might interest you
  • Minimal and irrelevant!

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