• not everyone's christian, i smell what your steppin in
  • That is a broad and incorrect assumption. To say the very least.
  • Go and have a look at the Sistene Chapel or the sculptures in Florence. You may well decide to change your question.
  • i wonder too....... they need to keep us in check no fun not sexy just abore
  • Have you ever been to the Vatican? It's some of the most fantastic collections of art there is. The Sistine Chapel - helloooo?!! I actually got to watch them renovate the ceiling back in 2000, which was so cool because you saw the way everyone's seen it for the last few hundred years, all dark and faded - then you see it bright and vibrant at the same time as they peel away the age - you know you're the first person to see that specific part of the ceiling in hundreds of years - the first to get to appreciate it again. . I think you need to get your facts checked, yo.
  • Aren't you mixing up your religions? Christians in general aren't that prude, they do condemn deviant behaviour but that is a common point on almost all religions.
  • Because seeing a hottie of either sex and getting a bit horny is committing adultery in your heart - a sin. And one of the ways some religions get people to accept blatantly preposterous propositions is to use mind bending techniques such as convincing them natural, normal feelings are bad. Of course sensible people realize that a nice / naughty bit of eye candy giving one's day a bit more zing is one of life's harmless little pleasures. +5
  • What part of christianity are you talking about that discourages the appreciation of Phys body? The bible? or what? Please quote from the bible and let me know.
  • Because most of them can't keep themselves in shape enough to look good. And nekkid folks inflame sexual passions.
  • only the ugly ones discourage the appreciation of physical beauty. it's understandable
  • Do they? Well if that's a true statement then why do they build some of the prettiest houses of worship of any of the major religions? I've seen some truly remarkable churches over the years - true works of art.
  • It doesn't. Have you ever read the Song of Solomon? It's about a husband's love for his wife (also symbolic of Christ's love for His church). It's beautifully written about their admiration and lust for each other - but GOD comes FIRST. That's the point the bible makes - that appreciation for physical beauty is fine but lusting after someone who is not your wife (or husband) is a sin, and craving beauty or desiring beauty should never take precedence over INNER beauty - the love of GOD.
  • I was not aware that it did. Now Isam, that is another story.
  • People were lot homelier back in biblical times
  • Cos they're all a bunch of mingers!
  • Wives and girlfriends have the same problem. I don't get it.
  • vanity and pride....and shallowness....Jacob was very shallow in his shallowness for Rachel's beauty....Leah was the 'honored' one....although homely.....
  • If you read the Song of Solomon, an Old Testament book in the Bible, you will recognize that your assertion of discouraging the appreciation of beauty is incorrect. There physical beauty and physical love (yes, even sex) are celebrated-- but within a context. Physical beauty is cautioned against insofar as it evokes illicit desires (covetousness, adultery, lust) and acts leading to and including fornication. God created beauty-- everything from the beauty of landscapes, sea, and the sky to human pulchritude. Different Christian groups have incorrectly portrayed our faith as being anti-beauty, but God created beauty and gave us the ability to perceive and appreciate it. Sorry if we Christians have mislead you. -- For your convenience, Song of Solomon (aka Song of Songs):
  • It doesn't. It treats the appreciation of physical beauty in this way: Don't make a judgement of character, calling or authority by your assessment of physical beauty. That's the extent of Biblical warning where physical beauty is concerned. The prophecy in Isaiah ch 53, concerning Jesus Christ, where He is described " there is no beauty (or comeliness) that we should desire him" only tells the reader that Messiah will not have a large following because he'll be a handsome prince, because he won't be. His lineage, the weight of His words and deeds, His execution and resurrection will be the mark of His office. That does not say that handsome princes should be shunned. Just don't be fooled by them-don't judge merely by appearance.
  • It doesn't.
  • because sensual beauty is tied to physical beauty. and sensual beauty is a no no in the eyes of God. Except we have a New Covenant that says, treat you neighbor as you would want to be treated. so if you can separate lust from sensual beauty from physical beauty, then go for it.

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