• there have been a few times. i am not sure which was worse. when i was younger in highschool i got appedicitis. and had that for ages, because my mum didnt believe my stomach hurt. then also got pnemonia (sp) i couldnt move, i hated that! and the last one, when i went on a holiday to Italy, i started feelign Ill. by the time i got home i was so sick. the doctors had no idea waht was worng, they figured some type of influenza from Italy. I had weird spots on my throat and my mouth... my skin got horrible, mostlikely from beign run down and i spent about 3 weeks in bed! that was horrible. every now and again i get really sick (not that sick) but my throat and mouth get those weird spots again and my doctor has no idea what they are, adn when i get them if i drink cold water the inside of my ears itch something crzy it nearly makes me cry!!!!
  • heart attack was bad.. .sickest was ketoacidosis my insulin pump malfunctioned. i was in icu 3 days... my sugar was 1018 it happened during sleep so no warning i just did not wake up --slipped right into diabetic coma..
  • kidney failure in grade 10 was the worst,+5
  • Well I found out the hard way that I am allergic to Penicillin. I went into shock and my throat was swollen shut. Stayed in the hospital for nearly a week.
  • When I was about 10 or so, I had some kind of flu. Don't remember what strain but it was bad... (my baby sister died from it). I could barely hold my head up and was in the hospital for a week or more.
  • well when I was 2 my parents found out I had a brain tumor...was in the hospital for a very long time, went into a coma and almost died. Than it happened all over again when I was 9 but not as bad. I guess that would be considered the sickest I've ever been right? I could go into how I got mono, various flu's, ear infections and severe diverticulitis but...compared to intense surgery they were a peice of cake.
  • About 15 years ago I consumed "bad" lobster. Not only was the lobster contaminated, I found out that I was allergic to it. I took some meds for the fire hydrant-vomiting; then that med caused me to go into respiratory paralysis because of the reaction my body had to it. I arrived at the ER just as I lost consciousness and woke up the next day feeling exhausted, but fortunate to have more chances. ;)
  • influenza
  • Chicken Pox at 25 put me in the ICU for a month, because it invaded my lungs and turned into varicella Pneumonia, that and I was 7 months pregnant at the time so delivering the way I did caused me to hemorrhage
  • I was very ill for 5 years, the have still not figured out what made me so sick, there were so many things going wrong at once, they could never pinpoint it, It was liking have the flu for 5 years. My body rejected food.
  • Appendicitis.
  • Seeing my mom shes sick all the time.
  • When I was 25 and 7 months Pregnant with my son, I came down with Chicken Pox, which turned into Vericella Pneumonia. I had to be life flighted to Reno with a 72 O2 level, and a 104 degree fever, I hemorrhaged in Labor, since the illness had started labor, had to have a blood transfusion, spent 3 and a half weeks in ICU, 1 and a half in a drug induced coma.
  • Withdrawals from Effexor, OMG the stuff should be banned. 14 months of a sinus infection I picked up in the hospital after or during sinus surgery. Evidentally not every Doctor can take the culture I begged for. Finally after changing insurance, driving two hours to an ENT the culture was finally taken. What a hassle that was.
  • I had food posioning for a week and I had hives everywhere (including my face) for 3 days straight. I can't decide which is worst.
  • When I saw Transformers 2. Piece of crap movie.
  • I have lymphedema of the legs due to I had some removed during a hysterectomy because cancer was found in a tumor and the surgeon no doubt went over board and removed 45 lymph nodes which led to me having this uncurable disease and since I do have it infection sets in my legs and goes right to my kidneys and I had one of the worst kidney infections a while back and I was so sick I do not remember the whole day when it first hit me and when I woke up it seemed like I had been out of it for a long time but with the infection I had the worst headache and I had such bad cold chills I could not stop shaking and I had 4 blankets on me and a heating pad and could not get warm , I never ever want to be that sick again I went through serious surgery blood transfusions and radiation and chemo and never felt as sick as that infection made me feel
  • Bronchitis, with the stomach flue.+5
  • When I had an appendectomy, adhesions, hernia and nothing was showing up on lab tests. I couldn't stand up, nor go the bathroom. I had to go through grueling tests for a week with morphine, still not positive. Surgery was exploratory and the doctor found lots and took it all out. I asked how it went and she said asked if I hurt anywhere. It didn't.
  • Having had 11 operations, it would be hard to single out just one in which I felt the sickest.

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