• I have no idea whether that is true or not, nozferatu, so I couldn't possibly agree OR disagree. I'm not sure most people know whether it is or not, either.
  • Different laws in different times.
  • I know times were different then, and laws were different... HOWEVER, intimacy with a 9 year old is STILL pedophilia in my book, regardless of when it happened.
  • for this one too!!!!!:-0
  • I confess to not knowing much about Mohammed - but if that is true then I agree. Yes, different cultures and times have different standards, and what was seen as normal then is wrong today. However, that almost doesn't matter for this question, it was paedophilia then (however accepted it may have been) and is paedophilia now. The ethics of it can be debated it either way.
  • I did a bit of research on this, and came up with an interesting quote:- "Mary was approximately 14 years old when she became pregnant with Jesus, and some Bible commentaries conjecture that she was as young as 12. And she may have been, and Joseph would doubtless have been older. It is therefore likely that they would have been betrothed when Mary was between 7-9 years old, and it would not have been uncommon for Joseph to have been in his 20s or 30s."
  • As disgusting as this is in todays world the past was a very different place. If we accept that this is paedophilia then we have to accept that millions upon millions of men & women were also guilty of this, from world leaders to the common man. In this specific case though you also have to remember that Mohammed had numerous wives, including his 40yr old wife who bore him his children, if memory is correct there is no suggestion that Mohammed had sex with his 9yr old bride..... although that wouldn't be recorded would it! I think I'll conclude by saying that it's a grey area. This question does rather have the feel of Islam bashing.
  • the point here is that pedofilia is a new thing we have decided to have a problem with, I personally am anoyd by teenage girls however their aparently all the rage/ look at all the attention the idea of it gets
  • Aye, Aye!
  • It's one thing to marry a child, but it's another thing to marry your NIECE...
  • I don't understand at all how "It was common at the time...", is a qualified defense. At all. I'm sorry if I can't wrap my head around how it was fine to enter into an intimate relationship with a nine year old because "everyone was doing it". That's counter-intuitive to the whole point that the muslim community seems to be trying to make that Mohammed was truly speaking on behalf of G-d. Can anyone really accept that G-d thought it was alright that his disciple engage in sexual activity with a 9 year old? Even some of the most degenerate, villanious, corrupt, people are disgusted by that type of behavior and still call that rape. So to answer, yes, it is a forgone conclusion, on any terms, at any time, that he was a pedaphile. If you want to call the plain truth "islam bashing" then you may want to reevaluate your position on islam, because islam (like all religions) has always had a problem with the truth.
  • Who sleeps with 9 years old....The man was a pervert even then...Disgusting he had all these wives cause he was sexually sick....Give me a break people..
  • i guess he found his niche in life :p +5
  • Think about that little girl with that disquesting horny man...What filth.

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