• Two fingers and a thumb?
  • Watch the movie Patch Adams, that will help. ("Look past the fingers" ... )
  • He could have been going nearly anywhere with that, and I don't like that he left you hanging, if he was a genius, there was more of a point to it than just leaving you off balance, and making you think he's a genius. He could have been referring to the fingers that are hidden when one holds up three, he could have been referring to the man behind the fingers, he could have been referring to all of humanity and mankind, he could have been referring to the cooperation that the two hidden fingers must have in order to showcase the three, really it's meaningless unless he explains it. I could ask you to look at the sky and tell me what you see, then roll my eyes when you give your answer and walk away, it doesn't make me a genius, except in being able to make others feel off kilter.
  • The whole point was to see how many different interpretations you could/would come up with and how innovative your mind is. The whole point (if he is as you say he is) of philosophy is not to give an expected answer or the answer that you think he wants you to hear(just because you _think_ he's smarter), but to examine one's thoughts and increase flexibility in order to see things in an entirely different way, break new ground rather than rehash old thought-ways...
  • Apart from the Patch Adams interpretation, could it be the space between the fingers, aka Da Vinci Code and the space in the painting of the Last Supper and the space between Jesus and Mary? This is a concept you explore when painting as well - the importance of the spaces between the painted objects and how the space between affects the objects.
  • He was shooting you a bird, Lucky!! Now go kick his ass! HAHAHAHHA!
  • A bunny rabbit with 3 ears
  • A pretentious twat
  • Unless he is your guru or something you don't need to take that kind I'm-superior-to-you kind of stuff. If he wanted to make a point to you well then why didn't he just make it?
  • its the shape of a duck..

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