• You butt out of something that is better handled by your boyfriend, if addressed by either of you at all. Especially since you have not a lot of tangible proof. Perhaps he can place a call to this individual (you have his number, after all) and ask how he "knows" his sister, and if he knows what "statutory rape" means. Good luck!
  • I would agree that it is not your place to interfere. Perhaps her brother should investigate a bit. I know if it was my younger sister, I would have been very interested in the situation. I would have done quite a bit of investigation and I would have talked to this guy.
  • in passing, ask the dad if he has met the girl's boyfriend and say saomething along th elines of you saw hom buying some beer at the grocery store - obviously over 21 or fake ID - either one ids enough to get dad hot under the collar.
  • i think you should tell her father, thats illegal to date her
  • Forget everyone saying it's none of your business. Just tell him instead of trying to beat around the bush. He's an adult so treat him like one. Don't try playing childish games. If he doesn't listen or doesn't care, at least you made the effort.

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