• Healthcare is the one issue I don't have a strong opinion about because I don't know that much about it. But I have a natural inclination to stick with the more liberal of the political spectrum on this one.
  • I have looked at both sides. The pros and cons. Recently was sent this:
  • We need a Canadian style single payer health care system in this country. I stand firmly on that.
  • That's not the question nor the issue.
  • That's not the issue...we must reduce and slow down the increase in the cost of health care and cover 50 million American's that can't get health insurance. That requires government intervention since the health care industry is unwilling to fix this. It does not mean the government is running health care.
  • I believe that GUARANTEEING that EVERY American ... Man, Woman, and Child has health care is VERY important .... With that said; it needs to Include Dental, Vision, and Perscriptions as well as regular medical care ... +5
  • People who live in industrialized nations with socialized medicine seem to be better off than our current system. For every Canadian I have seen paraded by right wing fear mongers who claims they hate their system, I have known exponentially more Canadians who prefer their system to ours.
  • Private insurance companies are making their fortunes off our illnesses. You can pay your Blue Cross (or other) premiums for years, and when a major expense comes along the company looks for every possible way to deny coverage. That's how company executives can afford private jets, and more homes than John McCain.   I don't want big insurance corporations profitting by denying me the coverage that I've PAID FOR. It's time for a Medicare-like program for all who want it. Those who don't want it can keep their existing policies. It's as simple as that.  
  • We should look at what works in the other industrialized countries. No use in reinventing the wheel. Seems most of them have very good systems. France comes to mind right away. It's not totally socialized by a type of hybrid. Here's an interesting site.
  • It's a complex issue, and it's not clear that anybody has an ideal solution. There are many interconnecting parts in this machine. In addition, the dialog that's going on is often not very helpful -- there's a lot of "2 opposing camps screaming at each other", and that makes it hard to hear the more reasoned or balanced voices. I think it would be a real breakthrough for America if there were enough people who stood up and asked the loudest and most aggressive people on each side to sit down and be quiet for a while, so that the overall quality of the conversation could improve. But in fact, almost everybody seems to feel compelled to take sides. We need more referees and fewer combatants for a while.
  • This shouldn't be a political issue but one of human rights. 50+ million Americans don't have health insurance because they either can't afford it or have been dropped by the predatorial health insurance companies. Still, there are selfish ignorant idiots in this country that let the Right Wing tell them what to think and have turned the issue into a political circus. If it were up to me, I'd put the issue to vote and all those that vote against it, would be left on their own to battle it out with the insurance companies, their choice would be binding for life. Those that want/need the government plan would be included in the government option. I have no doubt that the issue would be resolved to the satisfaction of all involved and the Right Wing Nutjobs and the insurance companies will have each other which is poetic justice because they deserve each other!
  • If you are going to be sick or need surgery, i would suggest, under socialized medicene, that you plan at least a year ahead and make a doctors appointment. This is the problem Canada is having with this type of socialized medicene. People waiting for surgery in Canada, have died. I know this is not what we want in America. It will bankrupt the government. TennCare almost did in Tennessee. TennCare should be a lesson to the legislators.
  • The Healtcare Issue is on the table and the sick minds that have a vested interest in stopping it are spreading lies. We simply cannot afford the manner in which healthcare has been offered in these United States for many a decade. The insurance companies cannot handle the burden and must continue to increase costs, the doctors are gonig broke from waylaid claims, malpractice coverage, etc., and only the rich can afford good healthcare with the added burden of maybe losing their fortunes if met with too many illnesses. But the "republican" party does not care. They will take down the whole country rather than admit defeat. They are not really republicans, that was an honored title in the distant past. These people are just nazi terrorists, the very names they are shouting at the rest of us.
  • Not. There are tens of millions of people in our country - for argument's sake let's say 10% of the population - that have no net worth and simply cannot afford the high quality healthcare that is available to those 90% of people who pay for it. If the government were to make healthcare available to all those people, why would other people - who can afford healthcare - continue to pay for it? Why would someone pay for something that is available free? Making quality healthcare a right to all citizens sounds lovely and rosey, but why should healthcare be a right? Why not make owning a house a right? How about having a car? Should that be a right, too? How about having clothing? Should that be a right, too? Should people who cannot afford clothing be able to line-up and get it issued to them for free? How about high quality food? Should the government feed those who cannot afford it? Why would anybody work if the government provided for everything? Healthcare costs money. Medical equipment, laboratory services, medicines, training for healthcare workers, etc., all cost money. If we have millions of people who pay nothing for healthcare yet have healthcare provided to them, who WILL pay for it? The USA simply cannot afford to pay for healthcare for 30-40 million people. We will become bankrupt in a generation.
  • Universal Health Care for all Americans. Government sponsored single payer is the only way. Private has proven to not work and cost too much for covering only those that have money.
  • Unlike the Insurance Companies, the government is not out to make an obscene profit margin.
  • Heck, I live in the USA and have had to wait for at least 2 months for an orthopedic guy. Then in order to have surgery, I waited another 3 weeks. But, when I had and emergency I was taken care of immediately. I wish everyone could have my health care. I'm one of the lucky ones. There are also great health facilities available.
  • That's an easy answer if you just think about all the other government-run programs in our country, and ask yourself what you think of them. How are they working out for you? Are you satisfied with what the GOVERNMENT does when it's in charge? Do you really want to give them even more socialist CONTROL over your life, especially something as life-changing or life-threatening as your and your family's health care? Think of these examples that tell you if you can trust our government to do the best job for you, and have your best interests at heart. How's that public school system been working out for you? (Biggest socialist program to date). If the test scores for this country against those of other countries are any indicator (I think we're in the bottom third), then that answers your question. How about the fact that in our public school system, teachers cannot be fired after they've been on the job a certain length of time? It's called "tenured." It's called union-run education because the unions are always in bed with the government, one way or another (usually Democrats). That's why teachers and truckers, and whatever else I don't know of, all vote Democratic. If you're in a union, you must do that too. But that means that your children aren't necessarily getting the best ecucation, because their teacher can't get fired, no matter what he/she does. How many of you have a job like that? What kind of health care do you suppose you will get from someone who can't get fired or sued? What kind of health care program do you suppose it is that is not forced on Congress and the President? They are exempt from it! Why would that be? Do they know something we don't know? Do you suppose they would pass it if they had to use it? Why is it only good for the rest of us, but not those who are passing the bill? Aren't you worried about that? Obama calls it "fear mongering" or "scare tactics" whenever someone speaks against his plan. Interesting that anyone would be scared. If it wasn't something to be scared of, why would he worry? Think aboutit. Just ask yourself what the rest of your experience with the Federal GOVERNMENT has been! They've spent (used up or stoleN) most of our Social Security funds they had control over-- haven't they? My spouse and I have been working sixty years now, and don't think they have enough money for our retirement, and they sure won't have it for our grown kids--in their thirties and forty--who will be paying forever! That is the first and biggest example of Socialism in this country, and we know what a mess they made of that. "Social" figure it out. Ever try to get answers from any federal government office for anything, anywhere? That would be the DMV (dept. of motor vehicles) drivers icencing, Social Security office, the local courthouse, not to mention any federal buildings or offices! Did you ever try to reach a local FBI agent in your area? They want us to keep our "eyes" open, but they don't want to hear any reports you try to give them. Try calling the White house. Here are the phone numbers: COMMENTS 202-456-1111 / SWITCHBOARD>222-456-1414. How about the Dept of Homeland Security in Washington DC? The operator doesn't even know where they are. I don't believe they really exist! How about tallking to the IRS? ANOTHER BIG GOVERNMENT OFFICE! 'Ever had that joy? DO YOU REALLY WANT TO TRUST THIS GOVERNMENT WITH MORE OF YOUR MONEY, AND YOUR HEALTH CARE TOO? Most of the Congress and the president can barely count. Ever wonder what Obama's GPA was in college or law school, or what his undergad major was in college before law school? Probably political science, which means he doesn't know how to do anything except campaign & make inspirational speeches full of hope and promise with rock music and TEE shirts and slogans. Most pre-law students major in political science to avoid the math requirements for other majors. Does he sound qualified to run the economy, educational system, retirement fund, banking and financial institutions that he's taken over, automotive companies (did he take "auto-shop" too to prepare to become the CFO of GM?), a health care system (Dr. Obama?), infrastructure (is Harvard teaching architecture, bridge building and engineering now?) internationsl affairs, etc, etc. etc. of one of the biggest countries in the world? What did he ever do to prepare for all that? His only experience on a resume was "Community Leader" in Chicago, ACORN started and where the motto always was "Vote Early, Vote Often." I grew up there with Richard M. Daily Sr's polital machine and everything you hear and read about the corrupt Chicago machine is true. My dad registered as a Democrat in the Fifties because he was afraid NOT to. Did anyone ever see a resume for Obama? I know I didn't! Would you hire someone to build your house who didn't know how to use a power saw? Why hire this President to control your health, life and death? Find out what the GPAs of this Congress and president were in college. Did you ever see any of their resume's? Many, like Kennedy never did anything but run for office. Lifetime politicians with no term limits! They are in the government offices because they couldn't keep a real job anywhere. They are experts at NOTHING, except campaigning. What makes them qualified to determine and operate your health care plan? What is it? NOTHING. Not one of them is capable of reading and comprehending the 1000 page bill they must vote on (well maybe a couple of them), so they just vote YES anyway, because they've been ordered to, or threatened into, or promised something. And the best part is that they are EXEMPT from the plan, so why should they worry? Does that answer your question?

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