• I have had two dogs that have been absolutely terrified. They needed to be sedated.
  • I suppose some do. Mine never has had a problem with them, he doesn't really notice them.
  • I think so!!
  • Yes. My last German Shepherd was terrified of storms. Strange, as he was so courageous in everything else. We would bring him into the house during a storm. I don't know why he was so frightened. His father had been a war dog. That one was afraid of nothing! (lol)
  • One of my dogs cowers in the corner during a thunderstorm while the other dashes out into the pouring rain even when there's rumbling and lightening. I don't understand why.
  • We had two dogs who would behave completely differently in storms - one would run and hide under our bed, which was odd because she never went upstairs at any other time for fear of being put in the bath.....the other dog used to rush outside to bark at the storm and tell it to get out of his airspace....same thing with fireworks, all the planes for the local airshow.....
  • Most do... some don't. Maybe it is breed dependent a little? I think possibly their natural reaction is to be scared, however the owners can do a lot to stop them being scared. Usually during thunderstorms we pander to our dogs fear, give it extra attention and so forth. This just reinforces that fear and makes it worse. If you 'train' the dog well for these situations, then the likelyhood of it being scared is a lot slimmer, I think.
  • my german shepherd will cower under anything he can find during thunder, and won't go outside for anything! Meanwhile our 2 golden retrievers would play 'fetch' out in the driving rain and lightning, if we let them:)
  • My old dog sits next to me or on me shivering and shaking. My one year old is an idiot. She goes out on the deck in the downpour to watch.
  • Some do, I have 4 dogs and one of them is deathly afraid of thunderstorms. He can sense a storm approx: a half hour before it hits.
  • I had a fox terrier once that would have taken on a tyrannosaurus rex without a second thought, but he had a fit at the first rumble of thunder.
  • some dogs get scared whiole others don`t.+5
  • Yes. I've had several that hated thunderstorms. For at least one of those dogs, I'm pretty certain that the problem was that the noise and barometric pressure changes hurt her chronically infected ears. She had been our next door neighbors dog. She belonged to the husband, and the wife didn't like dogs. When her owner died, and she was in attendance at his side as he died, she would never enter the house again. She'd been a neighboorhood dog who ran loose (yes, its illegal, but no one minded as she was a lovely dog, visited the elderly daily and no one ever turned her in). So when he died, she came to us and scratched on the door to be let in and stayed four years until she died. She was fourteen when she came to us, and her ears had been infected all her life. Her owner was a good man, but he just didn't know about such things or have the money for a vet. By the time we took her to the vet, he said that so much scar tissue was built up in her ears that we would never be able to get rid of the infection. There were too many pockets for it to hide in. So we just tried to keep it down by constantly cleaning her ears and putting drops in them. Nevertheless, any loud noises really drove her crazy. When the call box went off at the fire house a half mile away, she'd start howling in anticipation of the sirens and wouldn't stop until that last truck was out of hearing. Thunderstorms had her cowering and howling. I think it all just hurt her ears.
  • Many do, yes. My dog gets scared of them. +5
  • Mine hides under my desk and whimpers unless I give it valium.
  • Many dogs do...some do not. I've had dogs that could care a less. Others that would try and dig their way into my armpit, or stomach, they were so shattered at the sound. My current girl, Hannah, is afraid, but is content to crawl under the bed, my desk, while I'm working, or high-tail it down to the basement and hide under my partner's desk.

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