• well i hert my man maybe one to 3times a month if that. hes really the only loved one i got left. (other than my father)
  • I am sure that I hurt some of my family members more often than I am aware of. Decision I have made in the past and the current decisions are what hurts them, but they raised me to be independent and strong enough to make those decisions. I don't like hurting them, or anyone, but I did nothing to hurt them out of spite.
  • Only once intentionally in six months.
  • I try not to with all that I own, but it can happen, I have two people that love me and that I love, they are my daughters, we share the pain that comes our way, even the pain caused by one of us.
  • Don't have many anymore.. I realy realy try not to piss them off. ☺
  • If I did I'm soooooooooooooo sorry. Please don't go please, I Love you so much.
  • I Never have hurt my parents in any way shape or form,,,,and i would find it very hard to do so,,,I'am also very mind full of who i live with ,,,and that does not mean i don't speak up fo my self,,,,,it means !! i'am never rude or disrespectfull of any one,,,but do speak my mind sometimes,,,,,Not allways though,,,,,i don't want to have to go to bed early again with out my supper,,,,,
  • Regularly. It's impossible to not hurt people, but sometimes it's for their own good and they later realize it. For example, my husband was hurt when I wanted to go to Mexico for the summer, but now he realizes how good it was for both of us. I'm so much happier and relaxed, and when he came to visit it was wonderful for us to be together again. Neither of us would have been happy had I not been firm about my needs. There are many situations like this with those we love.

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