• Have you figured in the cost of bail and an attorney?
  • and all of that = potential prison time. I'll stick to stocks, thanks :)
  • You forgot to add the part about getting caught, going to prison getting f#cked. Stocks sound like the better investment.
  • Yes, but given your spelling, I am not sure you could read the scale. Plus, you also forget to take into account that somebody with weapons and a pocket scale may take issue with the missing 0.1 grams. I mean, if you shorted me 20% and I had a Glock, things might get a little more interesting than you want them to get.
  • i don't mess with yayo but if your selling half grams for 40 that's a rip-off in itself. where i stay it's .5 for 20, 1.75(teener) for 50-60, 3.5(an eightball) for 100-110 and so on. Like everyone else said not worth 2-10 atleast anything over 4 grams in texas gets you 2-10 fed time. go get a nine to five before you face 2 to 10. Good luck though and God bless ya.
  • If it was a Potted Plant I would pay money..but I don't like cocaine:)
  • i dont do drugs and maybe you shouldnt either, its not good to encourage people to do them

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