• Because no one listens to them in person. I just can't help but laugh at them. Especially when they wear masks. Like the government cant find them.
  • Gotta use any means available to get the truth out there.
  • dont forget KTALK radio..... its the internet, no one needs any credibility to gain fans
  • These nutters are a bunch of attention whores. If they got attention by running through streets naked, they would.
  • Because people have it so good here, they get bored and just wanna protest about everything, conspire, etc.
  • lol i love those people there so funny and stupid they use youtube cause its the only way somebody will ever watch them
  • It's the only to get their message out to people that choose to listen.
  • Because that's the only place where they can pick up a following as crazy as they are.
  • The internet has made it easier to put out information, this is why we are said to be in the "Information Age". I have read books and various publications prior to ever using or owning a computer. Those of us who follow the so called "conspiracy theory" have often studied for many years. Personally I began hearing and reading about such information in in the mid 1970s. If these are only conspiracy theories with no credibility then convince me. I agree there are things I do not agree with and some of those I have had to change my mind about after seeing the same information from various sources with convincing evidence. The conspiracy theory writers usually quote a number of various government or other organizational documents. If these are only conspiracy then give me proof not just lip service. Until then, I will continue reading and researching from many different sources and their references provided.
  • Youtube has no morals either.. they let damned near anyone put whatever crap they want and if some idiot wants to watch they're free to watch. I'm sure you could put a video of someone raping babies and youtube would let it go.
  • I've noticed a few on here, also.
  • Everyone uses Youtube, so I guess they figure that it's a good place to spread a message, or whatever it is they do.
  • It's all about fear. The more fear you can stir up, the better they believe the results.
  • give an idiot a place to sound off and he will ..........:P
  • because they distract you from the truth. and you spend time watching the crap....
  • Well, some of it has some truth to it. Such as the 9/11 being an inside job. The evidence is out there. Such as traces of (Nano-Thermite) particles found on the WTC dusts and WTC 7 (building 7) that also collapse that very day but wasn't hit by a jet. . Owner Larry Silverstein, insured the buildings for terrorists attacks. Was also recorded in an interview in which he said, "we decided to pull it". (referring to Building 7). . Plus Odigo warning its Jewish workers not to show up that day. etc etc... . The other crap, such as Birthers, is just a distraction to make the 9/11 truthers look like douche bags.
  • because no one else wants to listern to there mindless ramberlings so they have to go on you tube.
  • It's a symptom of their mental illness
  • You tube is an available source of communication for people. If Fema camps are a conspiracy theory, why did the government invest milions of dollars on deserted army camps? And staff them, too? What are the coffins there for? Do you even know what is in vaccines these days, or the harm they can do to babies? I just think that certain issues are worthy of looking into. Nobody seems to have a problem with openly admitting that our government is corrupt and does not have the people's best interest at heart, but when it comes time to look at some of that illicit behavior and where it is leading us, nobody wants to see it. Like timid dogs, they defend their master.
  • They are popular. You may not be interested in what they have to say, but millions of people are. "Conspiracy" vids top the documentary charts on youtube. That's why they appear near the top of the list. If you want to live in denial, fine. You'll wake up someday soon and regret being so close minded.
  • Honestly, I think they believe they are genuinely helping people "see the light". Ever seen the one about the rainbow conspiracy? That's my favorite. "What are they putting in our water that these rainbows are created?!" I swear.

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