• well... there is a saying "you dont know what you got till its gone". he probably realized that... if he really is trying to get you back FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR! everyday.... then .... why not man... go for it
  • Let me tell you that I did have an affair while married, and tried for an an entire year to get my wife back. I tried and tried. I did not. I think that it is determined by the two people. I can say that I pay for it every day, and do not ever wish to put myself through it regardless of the pain I was in before, it was nothing compared to what I dealt with after. It invades every relationship if you are cheating for emotional needs......It screws you up good. Don;t do it....take it from me, but Once a cheater always a cheater is a cliche...I can tell you I will never go through the disapointment
  • there's no black and white answer to that. Every person is different, every relationship is different and healing and trust take time..different amounts of time for different people..there's just too many factors involved to place a timeline on such a thing...the best answer I could give you is, it takes as long as it takes and even then it might not ever be right again.
  • "Trust is like paper. Once it's been crumpled, it'll never be perfect again."

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