• The door swings both ways. There's also lots of nice men dating crappy women. People in general are attracted to confident a-holes. Some of us learn our lesson quickly and some of us keep repeating the same mistake!
  • They probably have no idea that the man is abusive until he shows that side of his character and that could be weeks, months or much longer after they first began dating. In my opinion, any woman who is abused JUST ONCE should get out of there immediately and, if possible, report it because ONCE will not remain ONCE. Forget that you believe you now love him - he would not do what he does if he loves you so flee as fast as you possibly can and never return. If it was bad enough for the police to know about it then report it.
  • Most of these women are attracted by characteristics that are typically associated with abusive men. Also: many of them have been raised to believe that it's acceptable or normal for such abuse to happen. Some even despise those men who are not abusive. . . . . In my experience, most women who like "the bad boys" get over it very quickly...once they've dated a "bad boy".

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