• Yes... that's why they need to be "redone" lots of times...
  • Tatoos that are exposed to the sun often, like on arms, and shoulders, etc. fade much faster than those not exposed, like on bellies, butts, etc. The more they are exposed, the more frequently they need to be redone.
  • Yes I had one done with black ink years ago, and its now a blue/black colour
  • The one I have on my stomach is about 17 years old and, even though the color is not like new, it's still pretty good. The one on my shoulder is about 15 years old and is pretty faded...should have been redone a long time ago. Using sunblock also helps to keep the color longer and to stop that "bleeding" look along the edges.
  • if the tattoo is done correctley it should hold up but over time as you get older the color and the line work starts to spred and then you might have to get it touched up.

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