• "Mom I love you but I just can not live with you" and I moved out at the age of 18 and never moved back in.
  • "Mum your a f****** B****...i never want to speak to you again"...punch... , Yikes!
  • "I'd rather live under a bridge than live in this house with you any longer." +3
  • I told her that I hate her, and that my friends are more family to me than she will ever be. I was suffering with depression at the time, and really and truly felt I meant it.
  • I told her I hated her when I was a teenager. She should have beaten me black and blue...she is such a great mom and is my bff.
  • i told her "f*** off you dirty c***, now I know why dad didnt want you" still apologizing...
  • As a young teenager...."I wish you were not my mom". Out of a fit of rage because I couldn't go to the beach with my friends.
  • I think it's more what I didn't say. I was so angry at her once (I was about 12 years old) that I kicked her - not hard enough to hurt her, it was more to demonstrate my displeasure. She demanded an immediate apology. I thought it should be the other way around and I didn't - even when she told my father and he told me to apologize. I never did.

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