• Just tell them. make sure they understand that you are both serious and trying to help them
  • Better a moment of embarrasment telling him about it, then putting up w/ it.
  • Be very kind and gentle and be prepared with practical advice on how to remedy the situation; and, have some really good points about him at the ready to help boost what I'm sure will be a very bruised ego.
  • I have been confronted with this problem with a former employee/coworker. She use to smell like dirty wet dog all the time. I was easy with it at first. I use to buy her small little gifts, like hey great job. Such as bath and body work stuff. For her birthday, I gave her a whole basket of scented things. My other co worker just use to be like...I LOVE AIR FRESHNER, and hose down the whole office with it. Then he finally just came out one day and said DAMM it smells like wet dog in here, what the hell is that bad odor. She didn't get the hint. Finally, I just came right out with it. I was polite about it...I asked her one morning if she just got back from walking her dog, and she replied no. I nicely just explained to her that she smelled like a wet dog. She was shocked, then she was mortified. Then she must have asked me and my coworker what she can do to change it or to make it better for us. She tried, but didn't change too much. After we tried to help her figure it out, we did, she didn't know how to do laundry, and NEVER EVER seperated her clothes and washed her work out clothes, her barn clothes (she owned a horse), and work clothes ALL TOGETHER, and to top that off she didnt dry them in a dryer with dryer sheets, she hung them to dry. ONCE we taught her to do laundry, and showed her the power of Heavy scented laundry soap, softner, and dryer sheets it was HEAVEN in our office!!!!
  • My friend also has terrible breath. It is ruining our friendship because it's so bad I can't even face talking to her in fear of smelling her breath. When we go for food the smell coming from her mouth actually makes me feel nauseous. This may sound like I'm being over sensitive but a lot of other people have expressed similar feelings. I've tried every hint going; chewing gum, buying her an electric toothbrush, etc. I've even said "Ergh it stinks of bad breath over here!" but I think the problem is that she's not that bothered. How can I tell her that her breath is so bad I can't even bear to face her? I sound like a terrible friend but if you smelt it honestly, you'd agree. I'm worried it could be the root of some underlying medical condition, but I'm not even sure she'll pay attention if I come out with it bluntly.
  • Write a discreet and subtle note saying what you think, in a nice way. Otherwise ask him if he's ever tried this new lovely chewing gum, or ask him if he likes Tic-Tacs. Or say to him, "I've recently been really sub-concious about my breath - so I've started using Chewing Gum or Tic Tacs whenever I'm in public. Why do't you try - is it only e or do you feel sub-concious about your breath too?" And see what he replies to - pretend that you have that problem and try and lead him on for it. Otherwise just tell him outright about it, even if it is embarrassing it has to be done

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