• I don't like gratuitous fighting. Jean Claude Van Damme (sp) and Steven Seagal are NOT actors. The plots suck, the story lines are choppy, at best, and the acting is even worse. +5
  • I dont like sick comedys or big time chick flicks a romantic comedy can be ok as long as its a comedy as much as or more than its a romance i like well done sci fi movies and action movies the best .
  • I don't like romantic comedies. These movies should not be considered entertainment.
  • I don't like the US versions of Japanese horror movies, like The Grudge. I also wouldn't want to see a Will Ferrell movie, he is not funny.
  • Bestiality porn or child porn.
  • Gay Porn! ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
  • Horror movies involving numerology, ancient religious prophecies, Christianity, or any other ridiculous excuse for a plot. Stigmata The Reaping The Number 23
  • + Most of Adam Sandler's films that I have seen - - and I admit that I've not seen them all + Westerns ( in general only -- some I have seen have been very good! ' Tombstone' comes to mind ] + war movies [ but I loved the original 'The Dirty Dozen' ! And 'Saving Private Ryan' was very good but I'll never watch it again - - tough one to watch ] + most 'romantic comedies' [ though 1937's 'The Awful Truth' with Irene Dunne and Cary Grant is one of THE funniest movies I've seen in my entire life!! ] + I guess I'm open to seeing pretty much anything, including much in horror, but I certainly can see how those could be a turn-off type of movie. +5
  • Republican Propaganda films. Like Bush the movie or John McCain. Rap music films. Like Soul Plane.
  • those "scary movie" type spoof films. i cant stand them!
  • sci - fi
  • You and I are never gonna get along. XD I don't really have any movies that specifically turn me off, although I could certainly do without all that mushy mainstream stuff like Twilight. But I wouldn't choose against dating someone just because they enjoy movies I don't like.

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