• WHAT! where you from!!! WTF
  • Sure babies are always getting eaten by rats, babysitters are always getting stoned and cooking babies instead of turkeys and the killer is always calling from a different line inside the same house. They're called "Urban Legends" because every so often they make the rounds again and everybody "knows a person who knows someone who it happened to", but no one actually has first-hand knowledge. Thus it becomes a "legend". Rats will not eat babies. However if someone were to neglect to wipe a baby's face, before placing it in a crib, rats may try and get at the dried food around the baby's mouth. A mother coming into the room seeing rats attempting to get at this crusty pablum may think that rats are trying to eat her baby. Simple hygene will solve this problem. Hope this helps.
  • i would hope that didnt really happen

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