• Should i have fries or new potatoes?
  • Should I pour myself a glass of white wine?:D I'm feeling awfully tempted, I must admit.
  • What Is The Meaning Of Life? Why Are We Here? Is All This Real Or Am I Just A Mental Patient In An Insane Asylum Imagining Everything? They Say Crazy People Don't Know They Are Crazy.......
  • Whare are all the good questions for me to answer?? I don't know most of the answers to the current ones circulating.:>/*+++++*:):)*
  • Girls.
  • I'm thinking about girls and God.
  • I'm thinking about whether or not I should ask my friend if he ever had feelings for me. His friends think we would be cute together. = / I don't think I'd be right for him though, so would it be fair to give the relationship a try? But even if we were going to, I would have to wait until he breaks up w/ his current g/f. I don't want that. So I think I'm just not gonna say anything. My head hurts from thinking too much. I really wish I could meet the band Bullet For My Valentine, I really like them. I wish I could hang out with the band All That Remains. They're awesome too. I really, really wish that I could see Underoath in concert & hang out with them. I can't wait to go to Boston, but even when I do am I going to be able to see half the people I want to? *sighs* I have TOO much on my mind. But hey, you wanted to know! ; )
  • where is the money coming from?
  • what time im going to bed
  • Wonder when I'll meet the photographer... and my ankle hurts.
  • I wonder what your nan is making me for dinner and i wonder when you wont be hurt anymore so i can play again :D

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