• Never been embarressed to buy anything at a store. WHo really cares what anyone else thinks anyway. In all honesty, the person behind the counter probably cares less than we do anyway. It is just a boring job to most of em and they wouldn't be there if they didn't need the money.
  • If I'm self-conscious about something I'm buying, I pay for it at the pharmacy. Have to say -- I can't remember the last time that was though... I had a g/f once that had me buy her tampons, because she was too self conscious to pay for them at the checkout.
  • I find a man who looks like he has jock itch.
  • No, I don't care what gender the cashier is.
  • When I was young and with my first wife, I had a problem going to the store and bying feminine items. But, not anymore. I am beyond that. However, my current wife, never has me purchase such things for her.
  • I just steer away from a teen boy cashier who may turn beet red from his own embarrassment, otherwise I don't really care.
  • Nope. I think the cashier can figure out who the products are purchased for and why.
  • No shame in my game. I just get whatever I have to get and go on about my business, doesn't bother me in the least.
  • Honestly, sometimes when I have to buy one "embarrassing" thing, I'll buy several at once just to psyche out the cashier. If I need, say, femenine products, I'll add in a mega box of condoms (hey, they'll get used eventually) and a bottle of lube as well. And for fun, maybe some Hershey's syrup for good measure. ^_^
  • Nope. When I was 13, I went to out local store (small town) to buy tampons with two of my friends. There was a really cute guy running the check stand. The whole time we were waiting for him to finish with the customer before us, those two wouldn't stop giggling. They continued to giggle as he picked up the box to scan it. Then he glanced at me and said, "Your friends are very immature, aren't they?" I smiled and said, "Yes." They stopped laughing (they were, in fact, p*ssed). That was the last time I was embarrassed buying feminine hygiene products.
  • I don't care, tampons, tampons tampons :0)
  • I used to cringe at the thought ~ and if it was the only thing I went in to buy, I'd buy other stuff as well, to try and disguise the fact LoL. Now I really couldnt care less :) It's my daughters turn to feel the embarrassment now!
  • Does not matter what gender the cashier is.....
  • No. While it may make me feel uncomfortable, it is what it is. I just jump in line and bite the bullet.
  • has never mattered to me...
  • id rather have a girl check out my tampons. but one day, i went in the store and didn't get a cart cause i was only getting one thing. and i carried a box of tampons around the whole store, i tried hidding it under my arms..didnt work. a group of teenage boys my age stared and laughed. i started blushing.bad day
  • I don't care in the least.
  • I don't really care; my friends tend to come to me when they need the unmentionables. I have even bought an enema for one of my co-workers because he was to embarrssed to go. My ex girlfriend was the worst though; she would not buy her own tampons because she thought it took away from her image.
  • nope ... doesn't bother me at all ... matter of fact, in college, i would have to buy my girlfriend's tampons bc she was too embarrassed to do it herself (mommy always did it for her)

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