• Cabbage picking?
  • Flipping burgers or Hollywood.*+++++*
  • Mostly physical work because it is easier catch movements and skills easily.(i.e. body guard; it pays aaaalllllllooooootttt)
  • President of the USA as Bush proved twice.
  • Garbage collection
  • Stand outside an establishment and advertise for them wearing the funny-looking costumes.
  • Most of the Self Realized beings are having very little education(Worldly)!+
  • flipping burgers and pushing carts
  • The video arcade guy that gives you four quarters or tokens when you give them a dollar. All you need are elementary school math skills to qualify.
  • May still need experience and skill..though how about housemaid/house cleaner?
  • Acutally some of the wealthest men didn't get any education. In school they don't teach you that all you have to do is buy a franchise and then later buy another and then another and in 20 years you could acquire 100 franchises and retire at 40 with a net worth of easily 50 million. A higer education gets you jobs that pay $100,000, but you won't be rich. You get rich when other people work and you make money while you sleep. That's why peopple build factories. A factory with 500 workers working three shifts while you sleep. Does colelge teach yo0u this? No way. higher education will hold back someone who is a wheeler and dealer. In order to get rich you must hit the Lotto or have a business. In college they teach you a skill, but unless you become a CEO of a big company you own't be rich. You have to go to college for 4 years. That's four years you've borrowed maybe $60,000 to go to school. That's four years wasted and $60,000 wasted. Some people slowly build up a business like a carpenter. That was the only way to make money 50 years ago, but franchises changed the playing field. All it takes is credit and hard work. Donald Trump. Gates, Buffet are rich not because they are educated. You could take away all of these rich guys money and they wouldn't have a dime and they would be worth $500,000,000 in ten years, because they have clout, and they no what to do and they have connections. Becomign rich is really easy. Because so many have done it before and all you have to do is follow their lead. The sailors 500 years ago set out on the open seas and had nothing to follow. I have seen smart people do the dumbest things.
  • Sales associate.
  • Athlete
  • delivering newspapers bagging groceries ticket booth teller
  • Look around - most of them. Now if you care to excell, get all you can. If you care to get hired, get what is required. The jobs where you can survive with little are too numerous to list here but if you are educated you can make your own. You may want to keep in mind also there are major diffferences between a formal and life education - both are best.+5
  • sell, wait tables, food server, toll taker, manual labor, dishwasher, junk collector, deliver newpapers, cook, nanny, babysitting, factory worker, security guard, restaurant host, walmart greeter
  • Dishwasher. Janitor. Gravedigger. Manual labor.
  • Truck driver. It's about the only profession in which a person can make $50-100,000 per year without a high school diploma.

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