• It would be too difficult to rate them all. Suffice it to say whoever it is on a particular journey, I can be assured they will be assigned to my compartment or sit next to me.
  • Probably me. I go into Asshole mode when i travel, because almost all other americans are to , so i figure this way im better prepared to deal with them.
  • that would be me.i got so drunk on a flight from Fl to Ca they had to bring on a wheelchair to get me off.i couldn't walk and i was talking smack to everyone.
  • I had just arrived in a country and a female pasanger was very rude to a male flight attendant because of his colour, I was disgusted, this was the first ingrained racism I had ever seen, it was over 10 years ago and i am still disgusted.
  • The people who kept trying to buck the many lines we had to stand in at the LA airport.
  • i would have to say cops some have worked all day and get rude by the time i get in the picture to leave the airport. after a 12hour day and haven people all over yea i gues i would be to.

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