• Yeah, keep your mouth shut about your religious beliefs (or lack there of). Religion is 'hot topic' even within families. It seems everybody has an opinion on the matter and if YOU choose wrong you will hear about it. Your best bet is to dismiss the subject, and never bring it up yourself. If it is brought up say 'I do not want to fight, lets change the subject'. Make it clear that this is not a subject to discuss. If the person persists tell them point blank. "I do not believe in the God you believe in. I do not need or want to hear your opinion on the matter. Thanks but no thanks. Lets change the subject." If it persists leave the room. Be honest about it, and make it short and sweet. Its their problem (not yours) if they can not handle this truth. If they are disgusted that is on them, not on you. Personally I would hope you would from time to time examine the question if there is a God - and try to separate Religion from spirituality. Ultimately it is a personal relationship you have with God of your understanding. If I (or anyone else) can not accept that then that is our problem.
  • Really, the best decision is to just feign faith around them, they are obviously close-minded and have already made up their minds. You can't convince them to be civil now, people love their lame gods. But since they already know, just be the bigger person, it'll make them look worse, don't argue with them unless they are going to respectful and civil. I'd personally just try to avoid them.
  • Are you required to discuss religion with your families? If not, don't.  
  • Lead by example. Now that you understand that you are finite, it would do you well to live accordingly. In other words, live a good life because the good is higher than the gods. Maybe we won't all agree that Jesus was divine or that he even existed at all, but surely we can agree that he was wise. Emulate him: be good, let bygones be bygones, make forgiveness a habit. (Of course, countless others are worthy of emulating also, from Socrates to Buddha to Thoreau. I'm just using Jesus because he's probably *their* only unbelievably wise figure.) If you live right, the parents will hopefully take note of it and come to terms with their good, godless child. If their anger consumes them, they will hurt themselves more than anyone else.
  • Don't talk about it. If they start, try to politely decline. If they push, let them have it. Truth is, in all likelihood, on your side. +5
  • stick 2 ur guns chickypoo. u r the right one and they r the wrongs ones. also if they bring it up, tell them to please leave ( even if it's their house). ok word to your mother and best wishes and have a happy year.
  • i think ALL Christians go through some point in their life when they have doubts about God. and i think that it just all depends on the person whether or not the doubts will actually change their belief in God. but if you have decided to change the things you believe, there's nothing wrong with that. i think the best thing you can do is tell your family that you are entitled to your own opinions on what you choose to believe. religion is a CHOICE. make them understand that. :)
  • Since you are doubting your faith but have not become a hard-core anti-christ at this point in time, do some research. Check out the website and search for "Catholics" there - you'll see a comparison analysis of catholicism and christianity. Basically it will tell you that catholic doctrine states an equal authority between tradition (men-inspired rules and habits) and the bible. Christianity will state that the bible is the only authority. You can search for a thousand other topics as well to help you decide what it is you do and don't believe (including atheism). I really hope you pray for God to give you wisdom and faith as you search for answers. Peace in Christ.
  • Let them be digusted, it's your life and your decision. Treat them in the same way you always have and maybe they will see that religion does NOT make the person.
  • I would not change anything. Like others have said, treat them the same. I wouldn't bring up religion, but if they insist, state your position and change the subject.
  • Hold onto to what you feel is right, but try to keep in mind and explore all of your doubts- either way. You're in for a long hard road. Nothing quite like a common target to make enemies set aside their differences.

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