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  • i wear a milky way raper
  • NO. I've never heard of that. That seems like such a turn off, it's not worth the oral.
  • No. You can actually buy something called a 'dental dam' to put over a woman's genitals. However I have never heard of a man using one, despite the fact that both giving and receiving oral are both high risk. Anything you can get down below, you can transfer to the mouth and vice versa. Chlamydia, gonorrhea, herpes, genital warts and hpv - you name it. In fact, hpv in the throat is strongly implicated in throat and oesophagal cancer, just as it is in cervical cancer. Herpes is probably the most common thing to pass through oral sex- most commonly from the mouth of someone with an oral herpes infection(80% of the population) to their partner's genitals. In fact, transmission through oral sex is currently responsible for about 70% of genital herpes infections in my country. Think about it - at least one in ten girls have chlamydia. If you let a guy give you oral sex, and the last girl he gave it to had chlamydia, you could well end up with it even if he used a condom for intercourse. Even HIV may be passed through oral though the risk is lower. I don't know why people are obsessively careful about using a condom for intercourse and then go and give or receive unprotected oral. If use of dental dams was common, and if I had used one, I wouldn't now have genital herpes.
  • I do not - they are pretty nasty in my mouth. But if I am not sure of him I will try not to get any in my mouth or eyes.

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