• Laws vary from place to place, so there is no one absolute answer to this question. I don't see why not. I have been in a salaried position where it was required for all salaried and hourly wage employees. As long as it applies to everyone, I am certain an employer can require this. The use of a time clock or log might also be a means to track who is coming and going in.out of a secure building (hence my situation). This tracking was invaluable during 9/11 when with a push of a button we could verify who was/was not accounted for and try to track down those who were not (we had several people working at the Pentagon, so this was crucial). I have also seen salaried employees who work 20 hours a week and golf the remainder of the time they are getting paid for. So, a time clock policy was implemented to weed out lazy middle managers. You would have to check the laws in your area for an accurate and complete answer to this question. Hope this helps though. NOTE: Somebody came along and rated this answer incorrect because they wanted information about a specific federal law enacted in 2004. Well, gee, the question made no reference to this law, so the answer is correct as it stands.
  • Most police officers, in the united states, are on salary. even though they are on salary,they still have to account for their time, on calls, lunch and other functions. this is an activity sheet. so, i guess my answer to your question, based on my experience, would be yes. its called accountability.
  • No law exists in the USA that prohibits employers from using time clocks for any and all employees. The use of a time clock is an inherent managment right under federallaw, and no state could pass a law prohibiting the use of time clocks by private employees. States however are free to pass laws prohibiting time clock usage by state employees...or vendors working in state facilities under state contracts.

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