• I know plenty people. But i usually just try to make it worse ')
  • I'm not naming names. There are some serious dweebs on here, that's for sure, but they already know I know that. As far as the disturbed, I will do my best to listen and give an ear. I've met a few. I reckon a few will think that you may be talking about me!
  • Yeah quite a few Christians and a few suicidal people. Only the suicidal people accepted my help. The Christians think I'm the one who needs help. Lol.
  • Yes, and I tried to make him feel life was worth living and then he attempted suicide and ended up in a mental intstitution for a few months but he has his life on track again and he is doing well. A move, a new job and medication have done wonders, he is not out of the woods but he is in a much better frame of mind.. I love you AOD.
  • Well, if some of the questions on here are any indication then yes.
  • There seem to be a few that qualify as "disturbed". One in particular, promoting bestiality as an acceptable life choice, not unlike hetero, or homo- sexuality. Ordinarily I might discuss points with them to bring about an understanding at least. Someone that bent is beyond my willingness to deal with.
  • you bet!, there are some right royal wankers and out and out idiots here on AB but no more than in real life. As for helping them if they are willing to help them selves yeah I do give advice but if they don't want to help them selves no I don't bother
  • A few chicks who think "beauty" is on the outside. They have said some of the ugliest things, and its all so superficial. Its just a backward train of thought process, covered with anger, false humor, and denial. But I suppose if that is the way they wanna see things, and they wanna keep that perspective on life...thats on them.
  • Yes many... And no, they're all in denial =p
  • I haven't been around long enough to really notice any really disturbed or troubled individuals.
  • I've 'met' a couple haunting the "social science" section. But being absolutely sure of their opinions, they don't want any 'help'. They think *I'm* the one who needs it! ;-)
  • I am not qualified to diagnose any psychological condition, and I am very skeptical of those who claim to be severely disturbed. When I look at their profile, I find they just ask disturbing questions, and it's probably to get people fired up. There only way severely disturbed people can be helped is if they choose to change.
  • I did that on Y!A and found out I was lied to about everything. They put me through an emotional wringer.I am a bit gun shy and don't want to go through that again. So, I would pass them on to somebody else for help. A professional. Some people online are just attention whores and will say anything, including faking their own death for attention. Good question +3
  • no comment.
  • two people, both are no longer on AB.
  • *Hides from the help... Im good guys really... Im good! Thanks!
  • Yes. Well I don't know them personally but from what they write and how they respond when their beliefs are challenged, I sure think they are both disturbed and troubled!

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