• there is truth telling and there is a time to refrain from speaking...if people learned the difference there would be serenity.
  • Chaos! Alot of people are in denial of the truth and get upset and angry when confronted with it.
  • Scenes from 'Liar Liar' come to mind....
  • All the pretentious gits would burn in their own confusion, and all the systems they put in place through collective ideology would destabilise and collapse... everybody else, however would be somewhat enlightened.
  • I believe that telling the whole truth goes beyond telling the receiver what you perceive to be the truth. It entails you taking a cold hard look at yourself first. If you are to tell the whole truth, you have to own up to your own failings, prejudices, and short-comings and not just point out the "truth" about the receiver. Believe me; facing yourself with cold hard honesty can be quite humbling. If a truth must be said to a receiver, make sure it really is the whole truth and that you own up to your own part and be accountable. If everyone did this, I believe it would lead to a more peaceful co-existence.
  • A lot of people can't handle the truth. So chaos. If there had been only truth from the beginning, things would obviously be different. I think it's a little late now... people would be driven mad, become depressed, want to escape the harsh reality...and so on. We have been wrapped in cotton wool for too long! Most people know the truth, but deny it. Aren't we (humans) incredible! We lie to ourselves to create happiness. That's sad and brilliant at the same time.

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