• Ah, those old folks here always find a reason to DR, either it's bad language or some other belief, but don't worry, you won't loose any points at all, when sb bombs you with DRs.
  • It shows some small their mentality is. I don't agree with you so I'll downrate you. It must make them feel important.
  • I think it's stupid. I don't even see any point in it.
  • yes it makes them look childish and immature and it makes the person they are Dring look smart and mature. If they are -5 they have been here long enough to know that it greatly affects their percentage rating and they just don't care. They are like a little child who doesn't get his/her way and wants to throw a tantrum.
  • i would talk to a community leader or coat or report them using the feedback link on the bottom of the page. its asinine behavior. i think they have mental problems and anger management issues. i had a troll once ~ i knew who it was and told them to bugger off or i would report them. it will be interesting to see if they are still stalking me and dr this answer. go on, i dare you. :)
  • I just noticed a -5 too And also a TON of -2's It could really be anyone. I wish they knew the DR'ing isn't hurting my score, and only their own
  • Your DRs have no effect on my emotions whatsoever as well. So why bother doing it if you couldn't care less if it's done to you? Do you know what the word hypocritical means?
  • My feeling is that if they disagree with me strongly on one topic, especially one of those sensitive subjects that people get all worked up about, then by all means downrate me on my answers in that section because you genuinly feel so strongly about my answers. But when you start going through ALL my answers on different subjects, and downrating completely harmless and inoffensive answers, so it becomes obvious that you have sought out my answers deliberately in order to downrate me - that is out of line.

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