• White rice is VERY healthy.
  • Brown rice is healthier than white rice because it still has the bran, fiber and all the vitamins/minerals that are in the precious bran. White rice does have good nutrition, but since it doesn't have the fiber content of the brown rice, it can be utilized by the body too quickly and isn't the rice of choice for some people, especially if you lean towards something like diabetes..
  • You've got a point there. I think white rice is healthy if you eat it with moderation. 😄
  • Its not unhealthy. Usually its what you put on it that makes it unhealthy. Or eating too much. Brown rice is healthier. But after seeing your question I wondered about the obesity rate among Asians and found something VERY INTERESTING... at least to me. Asians don't have to be fat to suffer from obesity!! Read this:

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