• There might be a variety of reasons why people buy into a series of beliefs - society or familial pressures, fear of uncertainty in their lives, fear of "what if there is a hell?", because they logically believe that it's true, etc. I believe that there is an inner knowing of Oneness in people if they're quiet enough to listen for it, which provides a further boost of religion in some people and spirituality in others.
  • Religion is a system of belief characterized by a set of priciples--being its most fundamental the worship and devotion of the Ultimate Reality believed by many to be a supernatural and superpowerful deity.
  • it is a everything else....
  • It's a choice. A fact according to our opinions that can become a mental illness when left to the extreme.
  • Opinion.
  • None of the above. It is a world view.
  • it's all perception and one man's reality is another man's madness. reality, though, is very subjective.
  • Its primal to our evolutionary thrust to survive. Religion has always been with us. Someone is responsible for the weather. Some supreme being is always in charge.
  • Replace the word "religion" with love..same answer! :) Happy Friday! :)
  • None of the above... religion is a system of ideas and practices. Depending on your preferred interpretation, it's either a way for humans to avoid confronting the profound uncertainty in life, a ticket to heaven, the glue that binds society together, a collective cognitive malfunction, a way for priests to control the gullible, or a path for spiritual development. I used to lean more toward the latter interpretation, but that's become increasingly difficult as I encounter more and more believers on Answerbag who seem primarily entrenched in the first: a way to avoid confronting the frightening uncertainty at the core of life.
  • its an assurance for those who cant be bothered to ponder the ULTIMATE question, a surrender if you will
  • Religion is man made! Following God... that's Faith.... which is a choice and a gift from God.
  • Fact - when someone can't live their daily life with out instructions from a book then definitely it is a mental illness.
  • All of the above. It depends on the believer.
  • Fundamentalism is an illness. If beliefs were true, they'd be known as fact.
  • It can be all three. In the mental health area, many people display religiosity behavior during an exacerbation of mental illness - although religiosity and religion in itself are separate.
  • Religion exists, so it is a fact. Different religions exist, so they are opinions. Unfortunately, religious mania exists, so, in rare instances, it can be a mental illness. = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = The desire for God is written in the human heart, because each person is created by God and for God; and God never ceases to draw each person to himself. In response to this desire, most religions are humanity reaching out for God. In Judaism and Christianity, God is reaching out for humanity and we respond. Religion is a set of beliefs and practices followed by those committed to the service and worship of God. The first commandment requires us to believe in God, to worship and serve him, as the first duty of the virtue of religion . With love in Christ.
  • Religion is man's efforts in finding God. Christianity is God, reaching down to man, offering salvation through His Son Jesus Christ.
  • its an opinion..but a fact to those who truly believe and a mental illness to those who take it too far
  • fact more, here:

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