• It apparently will cost $3 trillion to insure the 45-50 million uninsured.
  • I don't think it's outrageous, I'd love to see state-run medical. The burden of un- or under-insured citizens falls on tax-payers anyway.
  • It isn't outrageous, but some people seem to think it represents socialism or communism. Personally, I don't see why it would be a problem to cut our military spending in order to ensure health care for everyone. Any way you cut it, healing is better than killing.
  • All but one of the items you mention don't provide a human service to the masses. Yes, masses use them, but only the postal service provides a service to the masses and even then it's to mail something, which could be privatized and for the delivery of packages, is partially privatized. All the others provide items that people use, but they are not things that people interact with on a personal level, unless you are in the military or are a criminal. The healthcare system is. Compare our healthcare system to Canada's, which is a government run system. There are waiting times of months or years for normal operations. The cost would be lower, but there wouldn't be the incentive (money) to provide better than just the average health care since the government would be setting the price for the cost of medical coverage. In today's system, if you provide great service, you are hired by excellent companies, tied into better than normal insurance companies, or can charge higher than normal fees if your skills are better than other people's. I wouldn't want a healthcare system that just puts out average doctors.
  • It is often hard to fathom why the Congress does what it does. Obama got elected by the people of this democracy to bring about the change that gives hope. Now Congress is endlessly debating how to sort of do this while preserving the interests of insurance companies and drug companies. Face it, Congress works for the rich in our country, only occasionally having to do something good for everyone. Maybe one-term-only term limits in Congress would help, but still how to deal with the lobbyists (who always have obscenely large amounts of money) is a real problem. Campaign finance reform can be a start, but basically a fight against greed is very difficult.
  • Great question. The USA is at the bottom of the industrialized world in health care outcomes, yet spends nearly twice what the best systems do per capita. I thought conservatives liked tried-and-true solutions. Apparently not.
  • you'll see.....
  • Well, for one, some of the govt. run orginizations mentioned above arent really doing all that great. I don't think their existance is an argument for starting up something like health care!
  • Because the Health Care Industry is thoroughly addicted to Obscene Profit margins.
  • I think it is only an outrageous thought to the people who think they would lose money over it,in one way or another.That`s why they fight it so hard.
  • Because the "anti-government" approach of Republicans looks like a joke when all things are considered. They will do anything to push Reaganomics on us.
  • For me, a big reason is that "gov. run socical security, medicare, medicaid...infrastructure" and bits and pieces of the other sections you named are terribly managed. I've been paying into social security for years and yet I honestly do not think I will EVER be able to collect from it when I am of the age to do so. And that's just 7.65% of our income. Imagine how the government will handle 50-60% of our income. When they mismanager that, what will we do then? And with what money that we have left over?
  • See my question and answer at the following link to see a possible compromise between socialized Health-care and our current system:
  • Let's see how they're doing with all that...not so good, fraud, corruption, budget deficits just reached a trillion.......and let's not look too closely at the money handlers re military & space exploration either. One of the few things that feds are supposed to do is protect our borders, ports, etc. Illegal immigration is the norm & it's creating bigger costs re medicaid, infrastructure, police, fire ,etc that is being denied by govt...
  • For that matter, since the government has recently provided "stimulus" to (and strong-arm tactics to freeze out bondholders of) auto companies, and runs a food stamp program as well, why not takeover of ALL private enterprise (with "stimulus" to everyone, and debt forgiveness -- since that money is just owed to "the rich" anyway), including ALL manufacturers and ALL supermarkets ... and food growers and producers. That will surely be Heaven on Earth. Oh, and jobs for everybody. Why not? All we need to do is print more money! It's so easy! Why didn't we ever see this before? I'm glad Obama is smart enough to see what no one else could ever see: we just need more money!
  • one word... "Money" that is why we won't. Too many lobbyists and too much national debt. I'll be damned if my military salary goes down b/c of this. I already don't make nearly enough to fight for this country

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