• I'm pretty sure it means that the computer is using your hard disk for memory storage. You're probably getting awful lag.
  • I have no idea, i get the same thing. I'd like to know as well. +6 for asking, i meant to, but didn't get the chance :)
  • It probably means you need more RAM. Because you don't have enough for whatever tasks you need to run, Windows has started setting aside hard-drive space to use as extra memory.
  • You can increase this. First go to the control panel. Select..system select the tab "advanced" then select "settings" under performance. then select "advanced" under performance options window. now select the button "change" under virtual memory. tick on "custom size". At teh bottom of this window will be a recommended. then put this number into the initial and maximum size.
  • NUNYA, go to a computer store with a print-out of your system ( Start - My Computer - System ) or take the comp. with you if it is a laptop. And buy memory, it comes in different forms, depending on your computer. The computer doctor puts the right kind in, and when your computer has the ability for it, take the biggest size possible. I had the same problem once and solved it this way.
  • Virtual memory is a method of allowing large application programs to have enough memory space without requiring a huge amount of expensive RAM. The Virtual Memory manager in the OS assigns pieces of application either to RAM or to Hard Disk memory based on how often the application will need to fetch that particular block of memory. Things needed constantly for program flow go to RAM, and those that are just called occasionally go to the much slower disk memory. If you are getting the message often, you might consider installing a RAM upgrade so that you have sufficient RAM to avoid needing Disk Memory often.
  • Bad, but not catastrophic. Judging by the comments I've read here, I concur that you DEFINITELY need more RAM. The least amount of RAM I've seen any PC in the last five years run with any degree of speed (as in "not enough time for a sandwich while a program loads") is 512 MB, and that was running Ubuntu. Windows needs considerably more despite what the official minimum specs say, ESPECIALLY if you want to run any other programs like a browser or something. If you have less than 1GB on a Windows system, you're just asking for trouble. I've made do with 256 MB on a WinXP system before while waiting for parts to come in, but it was sssssslllllloooooowwwww and constantly running into the same issue you have.

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