• They advertise Sonic all over the TV in NJ and the closest one is over 3 hrs away in PA. Is it good? I almost drove the 3 hrs to try. Youre lucky you even have it in your state.
  • Yes I agree, they show the commercials here in Hawaii and yet we don't have one?
  • seriously!! i want to try it!
  • My neighborhood finally got Sonic about 4 years ago and it is less than 2 miles away from my house. I've only been there twice and it is not that good. I once went with my mother and she hated it when it first opened. A couple of months ago, I went with my gf and she hated it too. Nothing to travel for or to crave - you want to try them because of their stupid and catchy nationwide advertisements. Now, what I really want to try and keep hearing about is In N Out Burger since they are only out west.
  • Yeah that is strange...they are popping up everywhere where I live during these cold months.
  • Actually there are 10 in Southern California.
  • Yes, thet are spread out.
  • They opened one up about 10 miles from me. I had visions of sexy "American Graffiti" waitresses in tight pants and big boobs skating up to me. Instead I got an dried up, wrinkly old lady in a tight sonic uniform. I thought somebody was playing a joke. Their food was over-priced and below average. Once was enough for me. 😈
    • Army Veteran
      Sonic's food is a little pricey but good. It's too messy for me to eat in the car and that's the only reason I avoid going there.
  • Quite a few fast food franchises bit the dust when the COVID hoax hit with its social distancing mandates. Many will never recover. We have a local restaurant franchise that has the ideal location - on the riverfront. It's this riverfront feature that has made it the most popular eatery in three counties. They closed down when the COVID mandates forced them to and even now when the mandates have been lifted, they only want to operate their drive-thru. They have a large dining room that looks out on the river to watch barges go by and they're committing suicide by letting it go to waste. A few other stores associated with this company closed down for good. The riverfront location is their one chance to pull themselves back into the profit zone but they won't do it.
    • Hulk70166
      What? No swipe at Biden? Aren't you forgetting something? Are you getting too old to post here? lol
    • Army Veteran
      "COVID hoax" speaks volumes against Biden and everyone who has perpetuated the January 6th witch hunt against Trump looking for evidence against their political opponent to keep him from running in 2024. This is the kind of thing they do in 3rd world countries - I'm surprised you support such a thing (well, not really...).

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