• No, it isn't possible. Not all wild animals can be domesticated if any at all.
  • Well, I suppose you Could domesticate most creatures, but it would take many generations of breeding animals with desirable traits. Of course, that depends on you definition of domesticated. I certainly wouldn't call boa constrictors or alligators as domesticated, but people keep them as pets.
  • Your friend is a doofus.
  • refer to Aesops Fable of Scorpion and the frog, moral is a creature can deny its nature only for so long.
  • "Domestication" is not as simple as bringing an animal into a human environment and teaching/training it to do as you please. Domestication occurs over many generations, and involves selective breeding for certain behavioral traits and physical characteristics. Cows, for example, were bred over many generations by Egyptian nomads and farmers, and have continued to be bred for certain characteristics over Milennia. Do you have Milennia to get an Electric Eel to do what you want? Another consideration is that not all animals have the same level of intelligence. Jelly fish have simple brains. They're simply "programmed" to hunt and eat, and that's about it. Their brains may not even allow for other types of behavior. This would pose a huge problem when attempting domestication.
  • I don't know - I don't believe it's possible to tame a trouser snake. It may be possible to fence it in, but it's still a wild animal.
  • I do not agree. I don;t believe it. Even if someone raises a bear from cub-hood for example, it may "turn" on them at any moment and rip their hand off. You never know. As another answerer mentions, it takes generations for true domestication to occur.
  • I think starting young and with alot of "motherly love" you could I like this Go to youtube and watch "CHRISTIAN THE LION" Its AWESOME!!!!!!!
  • No way! Maybe he hasn't heard stories like the chimp attack in Stamford, CT. Even animals who are raised by man have natural instincts that may be triggered by, who knows what; every now and then without warning. So you may be 99% safe with some animals, but I wouldn't want to get bit on the a$$ or elsewhere the one time their natural instincts kicked in. Would You? I hope he comes to his senses before he goes the way of Steve Irwin; whom I loved BTW.
  • That is the arrogance of man to think that they can tame anything. We should all take a lesson from the Connecticut woman who thought she could make a son of an ape, bathing him, serving him breakfast, lunch & dinner at the table, tucking him into bed at night with her, no less. This may be sick on her part, but it's a lesson in when and where to draw the line on taming wild creatures.
  • Wrong. No. The ape that lived with that woman for many years and tore the face off of her friend was never really domesticated. They may appear to be domesticated but I wouldn't trust 'em to be dependable, predictable and consistent. They are, after all, animals.
  • I would say your friend is wrong, wrong, wrong. I don't believe it. 1. I could never go swimming with a domesticated alligator. 2. Tasmanian Devil? nope. 3. Jellyfish? Their stings hurt like the devil! 4. An electric eel? I don't care to get electrocuted.

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