• I'm in college right now and I love it, if that counts. I know I won't regret it.
  • I took a couple of year's in Sign Language
  • I did.I have 2 Technical degress with me from a reputed University.My life was wreched.I toiled hard to go to college and completed the education doing part time jobs.Now,I'm placed in one of the largest software companies of the world and I've got all luxuries with me.Life changed in a matter of 3 months only after the completion on college.
  • I do/ because I want my degree.
  • I was offered 2 scholarships in my life. 1 to Julliard for music and the other to John Jay University for police sciences. I blew both oppurtunities and have found myself trying twice as hard in life to defensively justify my intelligence for a lack of a piece of paper that claims Im not an idiot. Yet I know plenty of complete and total morons who all they have to say is... "I have a degree." and the questions and assumptions all end right there.
  • I went to college and studied Chemistry but I had no use of the knowledge I got there.The paper degree helped me get jobs but beyond that it was useless.To achieve some objective in life a person should pursue studies only not otherwise.They should get educated in the subject of their interest and become an expert in that.
  • No, i didn't coz I am still studying in a school!

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