• In my opinion, as soon as they are married, but not before. When you marry someone, what's theirs becomes yours and what's yours becomes theirs. Apart from that, if there is a problem later on, the family court can sort it out. Sharing finances before you are married, can lead to all sorts of disputes which the courts won't entertain.
  • I agree with Dodgy dog. I think once you are married everything becomes one. but i own a house with my bf, we are not married and officially our money is not joined, but it is. I get paid one week, and we gets paid the other. we split our bills, but usually spend all my money first, then he gets paid just intime for us to spend all his, then back to mine etc.... works out perfectly.
  • when they can
  • I would desist from that step. Money is the root cause of all evil.
    • Linda Joy
      Not true. Its the LOVE OF money that is the root of all evil.
  • When the couples feel comfortable with such an arrangement.
  • Watch Judge Judy a couple times and you'll figure out that you should wait as long as possible. The smartest thing would be when you get married. (She feels the same way...)
  • Hmmm.......never could understand this 'whats mine is yours' thing......but then I'm gay so will never have to put up with it.......seems to me that just because youre married is NO reason to put all your finances together!! what the heck for? just keep separate accounts and each pay 1/2 of everything......but then, as I said, being a gay guy this 'straight' stuff sometimes makes no sense to me! LOL :-D I'd feel very uncomfortable knowing that any or all of my money could be used by my partner!!!!!!!!!
  • I agree with the general consensus that only after marriage should all finances be put into one joint account. Until then a separate joint account might not be a bad idea for joint expenses. As with any partnership it is extremely important to have an exit plan for all finances and jointly owned items ESPECIALLY a house or high cost or financed items.
  • After a prenup agreement.
  • Never. If both people have equal access to the account, then the moment they break up, one will take it all and the other will be left holding the proverbial bag. Rather than have a joint account, they should maintain their own individual account, but create a household account that pays the bills and other overall expenses where both individuals contribute equally. Doing this avoids any kind of prenuptial agreement that too often is the source of resentment. [] I was robbed once by a breakup, and it won't happen again.
    • Linda Joy
      Most people don't wait until "the moment they break up" They secretly do it before.
    • Army Veteran
      "The moment they break up" was just putting a dying relationship into perspective. Of course, before that time comes, one or the other has already "protected" their personal interest in the account. So, you're correct.

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