• I had a weird one the other day, so you don't want that one!.........keep on dreaming.
  • and your sweetest of sweets taking a picnic lunch to a beautiful mountain lake..crystal blue waters...clear fresh air...maybe a couple of fishing poles...but, maybe the scenery would be enough to guarantee you would be snuggling on that blanket well into the sunset.....the sounds of a mountain night and lovers in each others arms...
  • I would have you dream of feeling love in the most powerful way. I dreamt that I was in heaven and got to meet Jesus and we ate candy together surrounded by happy children. But I would have you dream what ever makes You feel loved, if that means being surrounded by family, or your wedding day, or being with your children (if you have any/ want any/ or will have any) Or have you dream about anything that you really really enjoy. have sweet dreams :)
  • Hi, moonchild, I send you a nice one - about your log house in the woods, a creek going through nearby with a lot of trout in it to catch. There is an opening in the forest, a meadow, with deer grazing in the sun. You are sitting at the forest border daydreaming and thinking a little of what to serve that special guest visiting you in the evening and what you would do after supper.....
  • The 6ft tall ,dark and handsome millionare your going to end up dating lol
  • Dream of winning the lottery when it's about 100 million US dollars. What would you do with the money and where would you go. That can be a good day dream.
  • You are sitting on a towel at the beach. Your feet are half covered in soft pale beige sand. (none of those hard pebbles) You have books to read, drinks to enjoy, snacks to satisfy you, and someone dear to your heart sits beside you with their arm around you gently. Then you both take a walk along the edge of the water and let the waves periodically splash over your feet. You both decide to explore now so you get a running start and begin to fly over the beach and hold hands so you do not lose each other...
  • Need some additional information. These dreams you would like to have, are they romantic, scary, confusing, or sexy? I have a scenerio for each if you are interested.
  • I will wake you and you will be bathed in sunshine so bright that it will be almost blinding. You and your girls will be excited to see a carnival on the seaside. We climb onto a carousel and it begins to turn with a gentle breeze off the sea and music drifts through the air. Suddenly the Animals we are riding, the elephant, the Zebra, the Rhino and the Unicorn begin to fly above the sea and we look down at the scene below.... A dream that we never want to end...
  • Here we go. You are tucked up in your bed fast asleep. I appear before your eyes as a young Adonis, standing on a hill near where you live. I am beckoning you to come join me. Of course you are not sure. I flood your brain with,GO FOR IT YOU SILLY GIRL and you do. A carpet lands alongside your bed (don't check to see if it has been vacuumed)Don't worry about the big tear in your nightee, just get on the bloody carpet. Whoooosh, you are now in some far off country, Asia. Strange music is playing, strange food smells are attacking your nose. You eat, buy, see, go back to your luxurious apartment. Single beds await, you call, Bazza, where are you? I answer.' I can't join you, coz that's a share deal. Or something like that.
  • Flying.
  • Second time round. We are living in a Villa, high above Capri. When looking out the huge windows from our bed we can see the Ocean, Capri, the river with small boats moving along it. A knock comes at the door, 'Enter,' I cry. A tubby little maid enters with breakfast trays resting on her forearms. When she has gone, I lift the lid off one of the trays to reveal eggs and a little paint brush. 'Oho' I say and begin to paint your exquisite body with warm egg yolks. I lift the next lid, OOOH, something I never thought I would ever see. I carefully lean toward the tray so as to deliver this. OOOPs, I have fallen out of bed with my little poker still in my hand. It has been a dream.
  • You are walking on a bright green beach with purple water. A colorful pirate ship runs ashore near you, crewed by a motley group of well dressed octopi. The captain asks for your assistance and you kindly oblige, pushing the ship back to sea, with you aboard, where you spend a lovely evening dancing with your new 8-legged friends and drinking tasty fizzy-pops into the sunset.

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