• 100% good. :)
  • That would be God for me.
  • something that does not exist.
  • If someone looks too perfect its kinda scary. anyway no one can be perfect, if hey look perfect they would be mean. act.
  • No such thing as perfection. The closest to perfection you can achieve is your very best effort. In my opinion people who put a lot of effort into everything they do, even the menial things are not in the wrong because this way they gain a good mind frame and attract good energies. There is a balance though as people can spend so much time on one job that they can waste important time for rest and reflection and other things that have a worthy cause. There is more to life than being task orientated all the time and some of these people get shirty and moody with other people who do not meet their standards.
  • Perfection, heard of it but never saw it.
  • You are.
  • me and you
  • Something to strive for, but never achieved.
  • his name is William
  • A disruption of repetition.
  • It's really a point of view. Each of us is "perfect" in that we are the product of everything we have done, every decision we have made. We are perfect just as we are. The issue many people have is they are upset with what they see in the mirror. But that's wrong too because what they see is what they are. And that's just perfect.
  • A nice paradise In heaven =)
  • someone who can do anything
  • This: The Pieta', by Michelangelo "It doesn't get any better than this"
  • Perfection is relative. For instance, a perfect cup of tea doesn't mean that if fills all of our dietary requirements, nor does a perfect size mean that things fit to the nearest nanometer either. This is even true scripturally. Perfect human life doesn't mean that we will be able to walk through walls, hold our breaths forever underwater, nor fly, nor go to space without a space suit. It means perfect, or on the mark of what it was meant for.
  • It's so many little details put together just right. But a big part of that for me would be kindness:)
  • It's unknowable on this side of death.
  • Being different in everything!
  • It doesn't exist :D
  • everybody is perfect in there own way somebody could have greatbody somebody else nice hair somebody else perfect clear skin somebody else speek nicely
  • My personal view is that there IS no perfection. It is a destructive pipe dream. I found that out a long time ago. It's very unhealthy to struggle to meet that bar. Perfection for me is simply doing the best you reasonably can and be willing to accept being less than perfect.
  • I think perfection is being able to find a happy median between everything. Follow your heart, but listen to your mind at the same time. Its the yin yang...Its doing good, but knowing evils...taking a wrong...and making it into a right. Being brave even though you are frightened. Admiting you are wrong, when somebody else is right. Perfection to me, is working twords perfection...becuase nobody is perfect, therefor...perfection is admitting your faults...and working on them to make yourself excell mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally, and sexually...perfection is are not perfect.

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