• Very much so! There is more action at nursing home orgy than in a baseball game.
  • Angel's Baseball is the best!! GO ANGELS! =) So no, in case you couldn't tell, I don't think it's boring.
  • I like it, but its not as exciting as football
  • God yes. I went to a game once and thought I'd die. "The pitcher kicks the mound, throws the ball into his glove a few times, looks at the strike zone, throws the ball, ball one, the catcher throws it back, and it begins again." Nothing happens in baseball, well it does but every fourty five minutes or so and those are mostly foul balls. Americas pastime? It's the only sport where you can be an athelete yet be fat and out of shape.
  • Relative to football, it is. It can be soooo slow-paced.
  • No. I enjoy the strategy and the skill required. And it's not just a game for tall men who can jump high. Even if you have seen hundreds of games, there always seems to be something that you haven't seen before. Maybe I enjoy it more because I loved playing the game.
  • It gets more interesting if you play in a fantasy baseball league.......
  • i love baseball.if you understood the strategy involved and how hard it really is.i played ball till high school and played AAU ball as well.i'm watching college ball right now.TCU v. Texas in the super regionals
  • I love softball. Was on a Women's AA league for 4 years, pitcher and first base. Loved the camraderie, the competition, and the post-game beer party!
  • Since my son learned to play baseball, I understand it now, and really enjoy it.
  • yea because i prefer sports with physical contact i wanna see someone get hit sacked chased
  • No, baseball Is not boring,I always watch MLB baseball when I have the time to watch-it!!
  • Watching it is boring. (I find watching most sports to be boring.) Playing it is kinda fun, but I prefer softball.
  • boring! I fell asleep at my first game in San Diego in 1992 watching the Padres, it never happened to me before anywhere else. I never went back :)
  • No, I love baseball. It keeps me on the edge of my seat. Truthfully, baseball makes me happy, I am lost without it during the off season. From the first inning until the final out.
  • I would rather play it than watch it. It's a game in which , the better the two opposing players with the most control of the action play, the less less action there actually is. Imagine if in American Football, Tom Brady and Peyton Manning threw for 400 yards each and somehow the end result was 3-0 ? Even that is not a good analogy because the only way that could happen is if it is an absolutely sloppy but exciting turnover fest that prevents scoring from happening despite all that offense. There's just not a lot going on in baseball to watch. In an average game there are rarely more than 5 moments of excitement. Anticipation and drama, perhaps but very unexciting.
  • Honestly, yes. The only thing interesting about baseball today is the ongoing rivalrie between Yankees and Red Sox. I think the major reason for Baseball not been as entertaining today as when I was a kid is due to the Lack of Team Identity it suffers. MANY MANY players change from team to team so easily, and each time it's harder for a fan to stick with a team, due to this. We don't see players like George Brett (Royals), Tony Gwinn (Padres), Cal Ripken (Orioles), Ozzie Smith (Card's) or Mike Schmidt (Phillies) anymore, that REPRESENT a team and build a sense of Pride in the fan base to follow their teams!! That is a reason why I respect what Jeter is doin' for the Yank's.
  • I don't think professional baseball is boring. I'm a lifelong Cubs fan and it's not just the game we go to see, but to experience the excitement of being at Wrigley Field and the commaraderie of being with other fans too! It's great.

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