• one and only ticket was for speeding and I deserved it. Did I want it? heck NO, but I did 'earn' it!
  • Never. I always deserved 'em! :) Happy Monday Mech! :) ((hugs))
  • I've got out of tickets I've deserved :)
  • Yes, the action: ashing my cigarette on a bus stop. The charge: willful and malicious destruction of property. Looking back the best thing I could've done would be to lick my thumb and wipe the ashes off, but I think it was the fact the whore was on her training day and the officer with her didn't want to start her off with shaking down any drug dealers. Plus I did have an attitude at that point in time that may have just come across without me even trying, so he wanted to "take this guy down a notch".

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