• Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, what you think is ugly, may not be to others. Does God want what? For you to think you are ugly? Probably not, you should learn how to accept who you are.
  • Easy babe... Ever think it might not have anything to do with your looks... Listen to yourself!
  • are you punchin above your weight??????
  • There are others who are pretty and beautiful and smart and yet still alone... It's you who can make yourself special... and be beautiful...
  • You need to be more confident. Confidence can make you seem more attractive to others. Don't walk around thinking about yourself as ugly, but walk around like you feel you are attractive. God doesn't think you are ugly, but your attitude might be ugly. Know what kind of people you find attractive and be open to them. Don't set all of your hopes on one person. Increase your chances by being open to more than one person. Keep a positive attitude and you will attract positive results. Things haven't always worked out for me, but persistence is important. Don't give up on yourself. I used to think I was ugly, and my personality showed it. I didn't get any of the girls who I was attracted to because I was letting my mind get the best of me. Make your mind work for you. No one else can do it for you, although the right words from another can help you from time to time, but you need to learn to keep yourself positive and believe that you have what it takes to find someone you really would be happy to be with. You deserve to find someone you like. You need to take the first step and believe it, even if results don't happen right away. That's what I did and it worked for me with much persistence and patience. Now I really feel attractive and confident on my own. It shows when I am around people and I see cute girls watching me.
  • A couple of things could be done quickly. Lose the "friends" who would make jokes about your appearance and start believing what you say about your inner beauty. There are plenty of people who don't entertain themselves by making cruel hurtful remarks to anyone..let alone a friend. Find a person who attracts you and is attracted to you and you can both parlay this into a mutually supportive relationship. Stop the whining!
  • well first what kind of friends call you ugly!? sound like those are not really friends. if your beutiful on the inside u have to show it!!!!! people don't just know these things u have to show them. And last the key to succsess in life, confidents. how can you expect people to like you if u dont even like yourself? hang in there =]
  • Why would you ask this kind of question on answerbag? Seriously, all you're looking for is a bunch of people to completely contradict you and tell you how awesome you are. Fishing for compliments is pathetic.
  • Seal married Heidi Klum. 'Nuff said.
  • unless you have suffered some horrible facial trauma, like a burn or an accident, no one is that ugly. your "friends" need to be told what is and is not funny. what is ugly is the focus on yourself, go find someone who needs help. then look how beautiful you become
  • youre not ugly cause god dont make junk
  • youre not ugly cause god dont make junk, and maybe you should dump your friends and make new ones
  • youre not ugly cause god dont make junk
  • youre not cause god dont make junk
  • youre not cause god dont make junk

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