• Drink lots of water.It will fill you up.
  • Snack on fruit...Just get rid of the stuff you snack on that is bad and allow yourself to snack on an apple or a banana or something...
  • Water is fine... you could also eat 1 or 2 cups of NATURAL popcorn, no butter, no salt, nothing! Or a plain Quaker's Rice Cake... Water will give this kind of food some weight in your stomach, but don't over eat...
  • Wait 20 minutes. Drink some water while you wait. If you're still hungry after that, eat some plain popcorn.
  • eating curbs lonliness (but makes you fatter). eat early (within 30 minutes of when you wake up) and eat often (5-6 smaller/balanced meals a day). Drink lots of water and lighten up on the breads and pastas at dinner and eat no later than 6:00 p.m. If you can fight your evening hunger, you will eat a large brakfast in the morning (which is much better for you than the evening). If you are having trouble resisting, first make your self earn the food by doing exercises like push ups or situps (something to burn more of the calories). That is a good start.
  • I don't believe late night snacking is any worse than any other time of day. Ones weight depends to a great extent on the total calories consumed over any given time period regarless if you are talking one day, week, year, or lifetime. One needs to consume less than you take in. Now the quality of your snacks regardless of the time consumed can make a big difference - whole grains, fruits, and veggies instead of sugars and simple carbs. Eat several small meals a day to avoid the starving feeling. Good luck. +5
  • Put chain and lock and the frig and pantry.......give the key to the bf/gf. In exchange for snack they will demand sex.
  • Take those nasty night snacks away gradually. First two nights eat 15 minutes earlier then you usually do, next two days minus another 15 minutes. And so on. Write down your progress on a calendar, so when you look at it, you get proud of yourself. Just imagine, in only 8 days your last meal will be the whole hour earlier! In less then a month - three hours earlier! In 36 days you'll hit a 4 hour goal, and in as little as 40 days you'll get a 5-star result plus some very useful habits, i.e. controlling yourself, eating way prior your bedtime without pain, and great deal of confidence. Remember, IT'S DOABLE. The only trick is to keep doing it and being proud of your results and be stubborn on your way to 5-hour result. I did it. It worked. When I reached my goal, I got myself a very nice and expensive pair of jeans 4 sizes smaller. Once a month I get really hungry at nights. Those days I just drink hot water. But it doesn't take more then two nights, then it goes back to normal.
  • snack on some fruit like grapes or an apple and drink water with it. thats what i do and it helps a lot.
  • "Dieting" doesn't work. You have to change your eating habits permanently.
  • stop smoking pot.
  • just have healthy snacks. A veggie tray is great! Diabetics should consider the sugar in fruit. Bean dips are great just watch portion sizes. Salsa is another great veggie dip! I like it hot! Carrots are great in veggie trays. And if you get a little Salad Shooter you can make chips and shreds or sticks. I like broccoli and cauliflower on a veggie tray pickles are good too nuts in small amounts are good for you. Just keep one made up in the fridge for when the snack urge hits and don't forget to wash your fruit with vinegar! Grapes, strawberries banana and apples are all great as long as they are washed properly! Melons, too! Very dangerous if not properly cleaned! ACV and water!
  • Drink a large glass of water before each meal. This will fill your stomach. Don
  • 8-22-2017 Stop trying to diet. Study some books on nutrition so you know how to eat right. Then when you are hungry you can eat anything you want as long as you're sure it's food. When you're not hungry, stop eating. Figure out how much fat you want per day and get it all for the first meal. Fat slows digestion so you have a steady supply of energy and you don't get hungry between meals. You need fiber, and the best fiber is wheat bran, so get WW bread and have bread and peanut butter for your evening snack.
  • The trouble with most "diets" is they lull people in with the idea it is all about sacrifice. The cycle is resist, resist, fall off the wagon and then guilt You need to space your healthy meals and snacks so that your blood sugar does not get so low. Maybe more protein, maybe a few nuts / piece of fruit at bedtime. The word "diet" is a marketing ploy to convince people that only they can tell you how to do it. The truth is most at best they may offer a support group. The other truth is often they are enablers and prime examples of what not to do.

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