• Make sure you plug the power cord into the PS2 before plugging it into the wall, if you plug it the other way it will not get power.
  • ither you have a bad adapter or you are not connecting it right make sure everything is inserted all the way in other wise you have the certain adapter that was recalled by sony.
  • There is a wire to the case which supplies the power to these buttons so if youve opend the case youself or if the ps2 has fallen or something then its possible that this wire is damaged. Not sure how to fix it and id avoid opening it up and looking for youself (unless youre good at electronics) as it will void the warranty and you may make matters worse!
  • I had the same problem with my PS2 slim. I took it to Radio Shack, and they said there was a short in the console. They figured out that if you tilted it to the side a little, it worked.
  • Make sure the cord is properly connected and verify that the outlet you're plugging into is getting power. If neither of those things are the problem, then try a different power cord. If that doesn't solve the problem, call Sony.
  • in most cases of this happening there is a silver coil connected to the 2buttons and the power supply has ripped or broke and this is a cheap repair.
  • your slim ps2 if im not mistaken it uses an adapter at voltage for 9v of something now if you have experience in voltage reading it try to test it using a bulb light which is also 9v you adapter that you use to plug on ur ps2 try to test it by mounting the bulb light using 2 wires for positive and the negative and after mounting it in the adapter again mount it in the bulb doing this you must know where is positive and the negative your bulb and adapter.if the bulbs lights bang im sory ur ps2 is defective.
  • Have you tried turning the switch ON in the power point? That usually helps a tiny bit. Also, in the back of the PS2, there is a little switch. Try turning that on too. Other than that, that's all i can give you
  • Same problem, i got a new ps2 slim for Christmas, hooked everything up, and got no power, none of the lights turned on, the power cord is fine, checked that with a volt meter and it works, so there must be a short in my console, so i am taking it back to Walmart tomorrow and getting another one.
  • call Sony PlayStation at 18003457669. They will replace your ps2 by another one for the miserable fee of $45 + plus taxes.
  • we have been having the same issue... we tried replacing the power adapter itself and it still does it. the only way to get any sort of power signal is to get the power source angled just right in the slot on the back of the ps2... upon taking the console apart (not recommended unless you really want to void the warranty or have a lot of experience doing so) it has become clear that the plug in the console is very loose and therefore i assume that the issue is there a poor connection to supply power to the board. if you have this issue your best bet would be to contact sony and have them replace it. there should be no issue replacing it within one year because it should be covered by manufacturers warranty.. hope this helps
  • Hi there, Quite often the power plug/socket/jack in the back of the PS2 slim console (YELLOW), Can become loose on the main board, or cracked, or simply internaly slack. This will cause no power or intermittant power. A loose one can be fixed by re-soldering and a cracked or slack oe needs to be replaced an exellent, Free, simple, 6 step guide for this job can be downloaded in PDF from Spare Jacks/connectors can be found online but the cheapest source is ebay and one of the cheapest there is Hope this helps!

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