• Yea its worth a try. anti-depressants usually work on serotonin meaning you have more of it for longer. Of course it isnt just about anti-depressants. they arent magic. You gota still work on the psychological aspects too. Give it a go. And dont think you are 'giving in' or dont feel defeated because you want to take a few pills. There is no stigma when taking asprin for a headache. There shouldnt be any for taking anti-depressants.
  • Think of it as a possible chemical imbalance. Some are embarrassed to admit that they take them and others think that the are mentally stable and look down on those that need them. It does not mean you are crazy, just needing some help. Talk to your Dr. and see what he says. There are different levels and symptoms of depression and he can help chose the right medication for you.
  • Antidepressants have many unpleasant side-effects. It is better to take the herb Hypericum( St. John's Wort) which is much safer with minimal side-effects. It is as effective as the conventional antidepressant and is used more than the conventional antidepressants in Germany. Search for it on Google for more details. +4
  • Fish oils vitamins excersice and eat good food...home made food..get plenty of fresh air...
  •'s an inside job. Everything we go through we manifest. Shoot, I never understood why at 14 and 15 I'd come home straight from school to take a long-assed nap; why I hated myself and why kids in school treated me like fungus; why I could achieve no joy from anything that had to do with people and only enjoyed myself when riding my bike alone? I thought of that and tried to go to therapists when I had money put together but never stuck to it because I'm not made of money. I thought of taking stuff as recently as a few years abgo but I refuse. Why? Because I'm aware of my actions, that am responsible for my sadness or happiness, that a drug will only take care of a symptom, not a problem. Because I'd rather feel than sit numb or be "pretend-happy." Look, when it gets too much,I ride my bike to a sunny spot near teh water, listen to the wind and birds (if I'm lucky, I can see a red-tailed hawk) and realize that life is fucking good.
  • If you have exhausted other options (therapy, herbs, etc.), I'd read up on anti-depressants, understand that they have side effects, can be difficult to get off of --- but may/can enhance the quality of your life too. It's about your life. Make a conscious choice.
  • No. It's about time you got your Vitamin D3, B vitamins, Iron, and thyroid checked out. Something is causing your depression and usually it is systemic. Doctors are often too quick to prescribe antidepressants. Make sure you go to a good specialist.
    • BRG
      yes I totally agree.......DIET has a huge impact on depression.....DO NOT ALWAYS RELY on doctors or drugs!! look up diet and depression will be a BIG help for you!!

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